Stewart Rawson

Stewart Rawson is the owner and director of Perth Renovations Co. Born into a family with carpentry and bricklaying roots, Stewart has followed a similar path: the construction industry.

He initially provided plumbing and maintenance services, but many clients enquired about his renovation skills. He improved his skills and experience in renovating spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. It led to him establishing another business, which mainly focuses on renovations. And this was when Perth Renovations Co was born.

Success is inevitable for a person who is eager to listen to what the clients say. He likes to sit down and have a chat with other people. He is open to discovering new things, including trends in renovations and plumbing.

Much of the success of Perth Renovations Co is due to Stew being customer-focused. He believes it is his job to satisfy the clients by providing them with the results they want and need.