Dark backgrounds paired with natural, landscape-inspired hues give Airlay's Sierra carpet tiles their positive, restorative vibe. Visually pleasing to the eye, this high-quality flooring solution promises durability and a higher standard of performance than other carpet options.

By bringing the vibrancy and liveliness of the outdoors inside, Airlay Sierra helps create spaces full of great vitality. This collection of carpet tiles will establish healthier relationships to work. Using these tiles in a business or office space will encourage productivity and attentiveness. Waiting and reception areas also benefit from the crisp colours and patterns of Airlay Sierra.

Bold, modern patterns with elegant, dark colour schemes combine to for Airlay Sierra's 5 distinct colour blends. Variations in patterns create unique mixtures of black and grey nylon. The Smoke colour features a bold pattern, while the Cobalt colour brightens a space through the use of deep navy blue strands.

Our team strives to bring the best selection of Airlay Sierra carpet tiles to the Online Flooring Store at the best prices. You will not find a better collection of high-quality carpet tile products than ours in all of Australia.