Airstep Eucalyptus Steps brings beautiful, Australian-inspired laminate flooring into homes around Australia. This brand combines the distinct hardwood styles of native Australian species with the hard-working finish of laminate plank flooring.

The Eucalyptus Steps collection features laminate planks with 8mm thickness and square edge. High-quality construction methods go into this brand to ensure that your laminate flooring will hold up to all the various activities of your busy home.

All 6 colours of the Eucalyptus Steps brand feature the unmistakable elements of the most popular Australian timber species. Soothing shades of brown, like Tasmanian Oak and Reclaimed Flooded Gum, are an excellent way to create a tranquil living space for you and your guests. More modern colours, like Snow Gum and Red Gum, allow you to incorporate daring style into your interior design.

Our team at the Online Flooring Store are pleased to offer the complete range of Airstep Eucalyptus Steps flooring to our customers. You can now comfortably invest in a piece of our beloved Australian environment by bringing the marvellous timber designs of Eucalyptus Steps into your home today.