The Burra Beach Collection brings high-quality engineered timber flooring planks with durable construction and widespread appeal. This flooring is prefinished and ready to go for your home immediately. You can enjoy the same look and feel of hardwood floors without the hardship of installation and maintenance. Installation is a breeze with a basic tongue and groove click system.

Each plank from the Burra Beach Collection has a long, wide design of 1900mm x 190mm. This is the kind of flooring that will fill up your empty spaces easily. Each plank also has a sturdy thickness of 14.5mm, including a 3mm veneer. The veneer is a hardy layer of European Oak that adds an element of natural beauty to every style. The European Oak veneer makes sure that no plank looks exactly the same, but instead showcases stunning variations.

Choose from 12 different styles in the Burra Beach Collection. Every style features a realistic wire brushed surface texture that mimics true hardwood. A low gloss matt lacquer is also applied to the surface to protect each plank. The mixture of styles ranges from the bold and dark Black Rock colour to the light beige Noosa style. Bevelled edges give all 12 colours the same beautiful, finished appearance.

Capture the freedom and freshness of nature for your home with the Burra Beach Collection. This range of engineered timber flooring delivers when it comes to durability and aesthetics. Our team at the Online Flooring Store knows that you will not be disappointed with the result if you choose the Burra Beach Collection for your interior spaces.