Get your value back for your money with the innovative Hydro Lifestyle collection from Clever Choice. This laminate flooring is equipped with a durable, water-resistant core. This Hydro core was created to ensure your indoor spaces stay dry and undamaged. Its superior resistance to water spills is guaranteed for at least a 96-hour water period. This guarantee means the appearance and performance of this laminate flooring should remain unaffected by water build-up for about 96 hours.

With 70% more stability compared to traditional laminate floors, the Hydro Lifestyle range is designed to hold up to life’s everyday wear and stress. Clever Choice makes sure to coat each plank of the Hydro Lifestyle brand with UV and scratch-resistant coatings. These protections are just one more way Clever Choice improves upon the water-resistance of this flooring.

With 7 bold designs to choose between, you will surely discover the right fit for your interior spaces. Try the Antique Blackbutt for a vintage remake of a classic, Australian-inspired favourite. Or you might like the soft, contemporary style of the Moon Grey colour. However, all of these designs feature the same Embossed in Register (EIR) finish that gives them a true hardwood texture and appearance.

Our team at the Online Flooring Store is amazed at the level of detail put into every Clever Choice product. We love the Hydro Lifestyle collection because it was created to make life easier for homeowners. The superior water-resistance of this laminate flooring is guaranteed for years to come after installation.