Eco Flooring Systems

The BT Classic Bamboo range from Eco Flooring Systems has hardiness and durability that goes beyond traditional hardwood floors. These floors are an amazing choice for areas with lots of foot traffic. This is not only very functional but extremely versatile for almost any room in the home.

Every aspect of this bamboo flooring is designed with ecologically-sustainable materials in mind. Bamboo is a renewable resource that provides a similar look to true hardwood after processing. The Eco Flooring Systems manufacturing process is also as eco-friendly as possible. Every plank is made without the use of harmful chemicals that might be unsafe for children, pets, or sensitive individuals. Instead of harsh materials, these floors use nontoxic glues and water-based coatings.

The Online Flooring Store carries two distinctive and stunning styles from the BT Classic Bamboo collection. Choose between the Carbonated Amber or the Light Sand colours, depending on your interior design preferences.

At the Online Flooring Store, you will find only the best examples of eco-friendly bamboo floors. We think that the Eco Flooring Systems brand is one of the best options on the market for gorgeous and durable bamboo flooring. We guarantee that you will not find a better selection in Australia of beautiful and trendy bamboo floors.