The extra-wide boards of the Eco Flooring Systems BT Wideboard range are the perfect answer for large spaces in your home or business. Each board is 190mm wide and features a generous 4mm top wear layer. Each plank is constructed using a cross lamination technique with multiple layers of bamboo. This type of construction offers greater stability than solid flooring.

Each 15m thick plank in this Eco Flooring Systems collection has the patented Uniclic profile for easy installation. Precision milling means that installation is quick and easy because all the boards line up neatly together. This flooring is tougher than your typical hardwood flooring because it has 9 layers of Bona UV cured aluminium oxide coatings. And you can be worrisome with this long-lasting flooring due to the 25-year wear and lifetime structural warranty for residential uses.

The Eco Flooring Systems BT Wideboard collection comes in two classic styles. The Coffee Lock colour is a deep, golden shade with warm red overtones. The Natural Lock has a soft grain look and a pale colour profile. Both are excellent options for large spaces and almost any interior design.

At the Online Flooring Store, our goal has always been to bring flooring options that our customers want for their spaces. We know that the Eco Flooring Systems brand is a popular choice among homeowners, and the BT Wideboard range is no exception. With its layered construction and extra-wide planks, this flooring holds its own in the world of engineered bamboo flooring.