The GAT Click Collection offers a wide variety of rich flooring colours to add life to any room in your house. Each of these vinyl plank options is made from high-quality, durable materials, with a natural look and feel. Anti-scratch and fade resistance are built directly into each plank so that you are guaranteed to spend years enjoying the best of your GAT flooring. This versatile flooring brand can be used almost anywhere – from dining or living rooms to the kitchen or laundry.

The Online Flooring Store loves the 10-year structural warranty that GAT places on all its Click Collection products. This guarantee, along with minimal installation needs, makes this vinyl flooring a premium option for your domestic or commercial needs. Moisture resistance and 100% waterproof materials also make the GAT Click Collection perfect for spaces that might be exposed to lots of moisture, such as laundries, bathrooms, and utility rooms.

From bright, airy shades to dark, rich colour options, the GAT Click Collection has the right style of flooring for your needs. For those who prefer grey-toned flooring with contemporary flair, try the Everest or Siberian colours. However, if you like rich, natural browns, the Champagne or Mulled colours will suit your tastes effortlessly.


The Online Flooring Store is always hard at work to continue bringing our loyal customers the best selection of vinyl flooring, including the premium-quality GAT Click Collection. We make it our promise to maintain satisfied, happy customers and GAT flooring is guaranteed to do that. You can also enjoy the amazing 5G locking system of GAT Click vinyl flooring from the Online Flooring Store. Any questions about this or any of our other featured products are welcomed.