Enjoy the GAT SPC Collection in almost any space in your home. You can be confident in the excellent quality of this hybrid flooring and the modern innovations that make it the best of the best. Made from premium-quality, long-lasting materials, this hybrid flooring has a natural look and is soft to the touch. It is both waterproof and fire-resistant, which helps you enjoy a more worry-free life. Choose from almost any room in your home to place the GAT SPC Collection, whether that’s the kitchen, living room, laundry, or a bedroom.

This GAT flooring collection utilises one of the best modern installation technologies – the uni push click system. This makes it relatively easy to install these hybrid floor planks as opposed to a more involved flooring, such as unfinished hardwood. An underlay is already included in the flooring planks, which takes out another expensive and time-consuming step of installation. This underlay adds a comfortable feel to this flooring and helps absorb sounds for a quiet indoor environment.


Each of the eight colour options features a lovely textured look and feel. If you are looking for cooler, contemporary hues, choose either the Albescent or Nordic colours. These options are light and have an airy, austere quality to them. However, the GAT SPC Collection also offers more robust colour options. You can try the traditional Australian Spotted Gum colour for your home or the deep brown tones of the Tuscan colour if you are more a fan of dark hues.

Our team at the Online Flooring Store enjoys bringing the best brands of flooring to our customers, including premium-quality hybrid flooring options like those offered in the GAT SPC Collection. Our idea of success is maintaining a catalogue of gorgeous flooring options to ensure happy and satisfied customers. We try to make it easy to find the right flooring for your needs, such as the easy-to-clean GAT SPC hybrid flooring brand.