Hurford Flooring HM Walk emphasises the beauty of authentic hardwood flooring planks with the high-quality, durable construction of layered, engineered timber technology. Traditional Australian hardwood styles feature prominently in this flooring collection, each with their distinct charm.

An extremely strong, 13 coat construction coupled with a firm Eucalypt core grant HM Walk flooring an extraordinary resilience to stains, scuffs, scratches, and warping. The solid core provides added stability with its 9 ply production, whereas the coating process allows these engineered timber planks to withstand many years of use.

HM Walk comes in 6 traditional Australian hardwood colours that immediately add character to the ordinary spaces of any Australian home. Brilliantly-coloured styles, like Bluegum and Jarrah, are a popular option for large and well-lit rooms. Deep-toned, fuller brown shades, such as Iron Bark and Spotted Gum, grant any space a friendly atmosphere.

The Hurford Flooring HM Walk brand is a popular option at the Online Flooring Store due to the application of standard Australian hardwoods. We strive to bring the biggest selection and most affordable prices of HM Walk to our valued customers. The simple, interlocking installation system of HM Walk engineered timber is just another element of its excellent qualities.