The Latest in Vinyl Plank Flooring Technology

Interno loose lay floors feature the latest in vinyl plank flooring technology to create one of the market's finest flooring products. This premium flooring is water and fire resistant and is guaranteed to not creak, shrink, expand, or deform in any way. Interno's vinyl plank flooring technology is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability. Luxury vinyl flooring has never been as stylish and comfortable.

When you buy Interno, you receive a quality, luxury flooring product that will stand the test of time even in the most trafficked rooms in your home. An extra thick 0.6mm wear layer ensures that your floors will continue to look amazing after years of use and abuse. With an overall thickness of 4mm, Interno loose lay flooring is one of the most comfortable and durable options when it comes to luxury vinyl floors.

Interno floors are not only comfortable, durable, and made to last for years, but they are crafted to impeccably resemble some of the world's most beautiful timber species. A truly unique brand, Interno offers colour options that will add charm and character to any room. You can choose American Cherry for a rich, reddish brown hue that will add warmth to small spaces. Or pick Tuscan White for an iconic, bright white timber look that will surely be a conversation starter at all your get-togethers.

You can find the best Interno loose lay floor options at a fraction of the cost as other flooring brands. You won't need to sacrifice comfort or style when you style your home or business with Interno flooring!