For a smart-looking office space, choose the NFD Connection brand and its collection of heavy duty, premier carpet tiles. NFD Connection carpet tiles last much longer than competitors due to the high-quality, universal Solution Dyed Nylon used to create them. Quality materials combined with beautiful colours and patterns go into the beauty of these carpet tiles.

In addition, NFD Connection brand carpet tiles are stain resistant. You can avoid long-lasting messes or replacement hassles with this product. Plus, these carpet tiles are heavy-duty and anti-static, which suits even the busiest of commercial areas.

The NFD Connection carpet tile brand has a selection of sleek, elegant carpet styles. For a gentle, warm addition to a reception area, try the Autumn Leaf colour. However, the NFD Connection brand also offers classic, monochrome options, such as the Steel Grey or Metallic Leaf colours.

The Online Flooring Store brings the best range of NFD Connection carpet tile products in Australia. The NFD Connection brand features the classic, modern colours capable of elevating an office or reception space instantly.