NFD Floors


NFD Innovation floors are impeccably crafted and reflect nothing but the best in modern style and design. When you choose NFD Innovation for your flooring needs, you are choosing a higher standard when it comes to attention to detail.

NFD Innovation is a premium flooring choice that combines the best in vinyl plank flooring technology for the best possible product. This luxury vinyl plank flooring product is manufactured with a unique, anti-slip backing, as well as a fibreglass reinforcement layer for durability and stability. Other features, such as a special nano silver layer to protect against bacteria, make this flooring stand out from other luxury vinyl tile products.

With a vast selection of timber-look colours that perfectly resemble hardwood floors, you're sure to find the perfect Innovation loose lay vinyl flooring option for your home or business. You will be able to enjoy flooring with the same realistic look and character of true timber hardwood, but with the added bonuses of quick, easy installation and more years of heavy use. No longer do you need to choose between durability and style when it comes to vinyl flooring.

A total of 10 realistic timber designs are available to choose from, each with the same quality standards typical of a high-end product. Many of the designs draw inspiration straight from some of Australia's most beautiful and iconic native species. You can choose from timeless colour options, like Walnut and Light Teak, for a classic flooring style that matches any décor. Or, create a striking statement in your home with bolder patterns and colour variations.