NFD Floors


Our NFD Soundless range of acoustic vinyl planks are designed with special noise deadening technology to create more peaceful spaces. You will be impressed by the level of quiet following installation, even in the most trafficked rooms.

Additionally, these NFD Soundless Acoustic vinyl planks feature a durable and resilient design to stand the test of time and unexpected mishaps. The fibreglass reinforcement layer and anti-slip backing offer a step further in quality and confidence.

The sound insulation technology and durable qualities are complimented by a range of beautiful, natural-inspired colour options. If you are looking for a dark, bold flooring colour, choose the Congo colour. For lighter, more airy choices, look no further than the soft Amazon colour or the spotted Ebro colour. Medium-hued, elegant colour options (such as Wheaton) are great additions to kitchen or dining spaces.

At the Online Flooring Store, we have one of the best selections of NFD Soundless acoustic flooring in Australia. Choose the smart flooring for your home or business by investing in this amazing sound insulation technology.