Classic Australian Hardwood Styles

With the NFD Venice hybrid flooring brand, you receive a product designed to provide a high-degree of durability, an easy installation, and an amazing collection of classic Australian hardwood styles. This hybrid flooring features a 0.35mm wear layer for excellent durability in a domestic setting.

The 5m thickness means that your flooring has the ability to withstand years of use and abuse by your family. Stay confident in the knowledge that even highly trafficked areas will wear evenly and slowly over time.

There are a range of beautiful style options available. Each takes inspiration from iconic Australian hardwood varieties. Choose between Coastal Blackbutt, Blackbutt, or Australian Blackbutt for variations on a muted, yet versatile sandy brown colour. We feel that these three mellow styles work well in either large spaces or kitchen and dining areas. The Tasmanian Oak colour, however, is a vibrant, red-toned style that can easily create a comforting, warm space in a small bedroom or office.

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