Our Signature Floors AquaPlank range of laminate flooring features special characteristics meant to protect against water and sun damage. You will no longer need to worry about high replacement costs for your quality laminate floors with Signature Floors AquaPlank.

All of the products in the Signature Floors AquaPlank collection are designed with Atroguard Water Resist Technology, which makes them completely water resistant up to 72 hours. The water-tight sealing makes Signature Floors AquaPlank the best choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.


In addition, Signature Floors AquaPlank resists the kind of warping and shrinking that can be worsened by harsh Australian sunlight. A special surface protectant on this worry-free laminate flooring even more durable. The result is a laminate surface that is harder to scratch, strain, dent, or burn.

The Atroguard Water Resist Technology and sun protection qualities of Signature Floors AquaPlank flooring are complimented by a range of beautiful colour options across three brands. If you are looking for Australian-inspired styles, check out Signature Floors AquaPlank's Mornington brand, with gorgeous examples of blackbutt and spotted gum laminate planks. Signature Floors AquaPlank's Peninsula XXL brand offers the same great colour options as the Mornington brand, but with longer planks for larger jobs. And for fans of traditional oak styles, Signature Floors AquaPlank's Whitsundays XL brand offers a great selection in a wide range of colours.

At the Online Flooring Store, we have one of the best selections of Signature Floors AquaPlank water and weather resistant laminate flooring in Australia. Pick Signature Floors AquaPlank for a smart solution to all types of issues exacerbated by harsh Australian sunlight and outdoor activities.