Signature Floors AquaPlank's Whitsundays XL collection works great in large rooms due to the extra long size of the laminate planks. With the added bonus of sun- and water-proof technologies, this laminate flooring remains a cut above the rest. You can worry less with the knowledge that this flooring will not shrink or warp due to extreme pressure. The bright, unforgiving Australian sun and heat is no match for the protections placed on Whitsundays XL planks.

Like all products in the Signature Floors AquaPlank line, the Whitsundays XL brand includes special technology that prevents water damage. Even standing water is not a match for the top-quality materials used in this durable laminate flooring.

The water- and sun-resistant qualities of the Signature Floors AquaPlank Whitsundays XL laminate flooring brand come in 8 traditional flooring styles. Choose light, modern oak colours, such as Daydream Oak or Whitehaven Oak to add vintage charm to your home. Or deeper colours, like Lindaman Oak or Brampton Oak, can be a lovely update to your home's interior.

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