From the popular Ustik brand comes a similar flooring to other collections, but without a self-sticking back and rubber comforter. The Ustik Ulay Vinyl Planks are an affordable option for anyone looking to install sturdy floors in their home or business. You can use the special Ustik Rubber Underlay or another flooring base of your own choice as the final layer.

This Ustik collection features carefully constructed, one-piece planks of 1220mm length. Every plank has a reinforcement layer, a 2.0mm quality vinyl layer in life-like timber designs, and a 0.2mm wear layer that protects the vinyl. The entire plank is finished with a durable PU protective coating that helps to minimalise fading from sun and use.

Because these vinyl planks are constructed in one piece, they are more flexible and easier to install. This flooring can be laid over almost any surface, including hardwood and concrete and tiles. After installation, these planks are low maintenance with incredible water-resistant and a high anti-slip rating.

All five styles of the Ustik Ulay collection offer realistic hardwood aesthetics. Try a different one for every room in your home. The Driftwood and Golden Oak colours are bright and natural for a large living space and the Winter Oak is dark with burgundy elements for an elegant bedroom suite.

With its 7-year domestic warranty, you can confidently put Ustik Ulay Vinyl Planks use in any space in your house. Our team at the Online Flooring Store is excited about bringing along new flooring ranges that are affordable without compromising on the features our customers desire.