Wonderful Floor Supreme Oak offers a range of luxury engineered timber flooring products. Each plank is manufactured using pre-finished, timber veneer glued onto plywood base underlay. The result is a reliable flooring solution with the look and feel of true hardwood flooring. An easy installation process makes the Supreme Oak collection a great choice for any busy family, home, or business in need of new, quality flooring.

Supreme Oak provides larger engineered timber planks from the Wonderful Floor brand. This makes Supreme Oak an option for projects requiring larger planks, or a shortened installation time. Sound-reducing and water-resistance technology are also built into the layers of this engineered timber. Each characteristic makes Wonderful Floor Supreme Oak a flooring meant to be used and to be used well.

All 9 flooring styles in the Supreme Oak collection are noted for their elegance and luxurious textures. Classic, European Oak styles, such as Grey Limed and Corn, offer mellow colours and beautiful textures. More aged styles, like Antique and Han Dynasty, showcase the variation in texture and colour that is possible with distressed textures. And each of the flooring styles is made with the same premium quality and durable, real hardwood.

Engineered timber is a type of flooring where the Online Flooring Store excels. We love to bring the best luxury brands to our customers, including Wonderful Floor Supreme Oak Engineered Timber. This environmentally-friendly flooring brand is a great place to start when looking for engineered timber with large planks.