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Hybrid Flooring FAQs

Most Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for use in any area of your business or home. Kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, and any areas where unexpected spills may occur make particularly great spots to install hybrid flooring.

Hybrid flooring's multi-layered construction also makes it well suited for extreme temperature changes and harsh sunlight, conditions Australia knows all too well. The thick, durable planks are designed to stay beautiful through years of wear and tear.

Hybrid flooring makes an appealing addition to any room in your commercial space, office, or home. With multiple, hard-pressed layers, hybrid planks are durable and waterproof.

They are excellent for application in kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms or any other rooms throughout your space.

At Online Flooring Store, we are committed to helping you find the best flooring solution for your needs. Our experts can help you select the ideal flooring from our wide range of durable, high-quality hybrid floors.

Select the Kimberley range for natural, yet bold, colours that can easily become the highlight of your decor. Or, opt for more natural colours with the Venice or Expressive brands.

We always recommend hiring a professional layer. However, hybrid flooring is one of the easiest floors for DIY installation.

Anyone that can use a straight edge and a Stanley knife can install hybrid flooring. If you wish to handle the installation yourself, we have created a helpful hybrid flooring installation guide for your reference.

If your floor is uneven or requires grinding, sanding, or levelling, it may be best to hire a professional tradesman.

If you prefer to hire a professional installer, we are happy to connect you with over 220 professional layers throughout Australia.