Hybrid Flooring is a 100% Waterproof Flooring Option. Hybrid Flooring is intended for use in any area of your home: Even Wet areas like Bathrooms, Toilets and Laundries. Because these are areas where water is splashed around, and humidity abides, Bamboo, Timber and Laminate must usually avoid these areas….but not Hybrid Flooring!

The Calcium Carbonate Core of Hybrid Flooring makes it very resistant to changes in temperature when compared with other flooring products. I addition, thicker SPC Core Hybrids have proven almost impervious to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight!

Additionally, because Hybrid Flooring will expand and contract far less than other flooring categories (if at all,) it most often eliminates the need for unsightly expansion joints. Combine all of this with the same durable wear layer of LVT flooring, and Hybrid will tick most of the boxes for residential application.

Hybrid really has little in the way of things that go against it. It is tough, durable and also suited to small commercial applications. While not as scratch resistant as Laminate Flooring, Hybrid Flooring is the great all-rounder. If you want to know more, contact our Awesome sales team!

Hybrid Flooring is 100% Waterproof. There is no Caveat on this. It is ideal for any area of the home, and most suppliers will rate their Hybrid Flooring for Wet Area Usage. However, you must still follow the manufacturer’s requirements for sub-floor levelling, so this means that you will lose the runoff that many bathrooms have.

The Solid Calcium Carbonate Core of SPC Hybrid Flooring means that it resists heat and sun better than most other floor covering types. In addition, SPC Hybrid flooring can be laid in much larger rafts than other floated floors meaning that you do not require Expansion Breaks in most cases as you would for Laminate, Timber or Bamboo.

WPC Hybrid Flooring cannot be laid in rafts as big as SPC Hybrid Flooring can, meaning that floors must often be compartmentalised with Expansion Joints in the floor. It will also not handle extreme direct sun as well as SPC Hybrid Flooring Can, so be sure to cover those windows. It is still however still completely Waterproof.

Hybrid Flooring is best suited to any room if you want a Waterproof, Tough, Durable, Great Looking Floor that is easy to keep clean. Because Hybrid Flooring is 100% Waterproof, it is able to be used in Wet Areas where many other flooring Categories cannot. It is important to note though, for Wet Area Use, you must still have an even subfloor, so you will lose that runoff in your bathroom.

Additionally, Hybrid Flooring is an excellent choice for small commercial applications where a quick and hassle free installation is required. Salons, parlours and small restaurants are perfect for Hybrid Flooring. As Hybrid Flooring is a Floating Floor System that is not as rigid as Laminate or Timber, it is best kept out of Child Care Centres and places with a constant large volume or traffic.


While we always recommend the services of a professional Floor Layer, Hybrid Flooring is possibly the easiest category of Flooring to install as a DIY project.

A Metal Straightedge, Utility Knife, Pencil, Tape measure and Jigsaw will allow you to get the job done. If you are going to install the project yourself, always read the Suppliers Installation Requirements through several times, and plan the job in your head before starting.

If your Subfloor falls outside of the Supplier’s specifications, it may be best to engage the services of a Floor Preparation Specialist to tackle this task for you. If you want the floor to look great in 25 years, money spent of Floor Preparation is money well spent.