A layer, or veneer, of bamboo is placed on top of several layers of plywood or high-density fibreboards. These various layers are fused together tightly with the use of heat, adhesives, and pressure. A backing layer serves to bind and reinforce the final plank. If you compare engineered bamboo with solid bamboo, you will find a similar look and feel with just a touch more stability.

The bamboo layer is usually received through the environmentally-conscious process of harvesting bamboo without killing the plant. Engineered bamboo is an extremely green flooring solution.


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The smooth-brushed, hand-scraped surface of Clever Choice is combined with a realistic-looking micro bevel effect on every plank. A drop end lock on all four sides makes installation quick, simple, and painless.


Multiple layers, including a 4mm bamboo top layer, make each plank more stable, reliable, and durable than a typical solid bamboo or timber floor. And during manufacturing, 9 layers of quality Bona UV cure aluminium oxide coating is added for a tough finish to last a lifetime.


Each product from the Premium Floors’ Arc collection is held to high standards for the environment. Every plank receives 11 coats of hi-tech European coating so that all 5 earthy designs are guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear of a busy home.


A 5-year commercial and a 20-year residential wear warranty is a mark of the confidence Terra Mater Floors has in the manufacturing of this bamboo flooring. Choose floors with durable 14mm thickness and a pleasant, natural gloss appearance.



A layer, or veneer, of bamboo is placed on top of several layers of plywood or high-density fibreboards. These various layers are fused together tightly with the use of heat, adhesives, and pressure.
Engineered bamboo is a versatile flooring solution. It is more durable than leading hardwood products and features the same quality of beauty. Plus, bamboo flooring is an incredibly green choice for an eco-friendly home. The specially-engineered construction of this type of flooring increases its functionality, too. Protective coatings and the ability to contract and expand without harm give you more options for how to use engineered bamboo in your home.

Both engineered bamboo and hardwood flooring are similar in many ways. Their differences, however, make each flooring more suited to certain homes. Bamboo is more often lighter than most hardwood options and it features more uniform texture and grain patterns. Most hardwood flooring options have a more difficult time maintaining as sustainable as bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is harvested in a way that lets living shoots keep re-growing.

Engineered bamboo is also a less costly flooring solution compared to traditional hardwood floors. With easy installation perfect for a DIY project, bamboo flooring is much more cost-effective to allow you to cover several rooms in your home at once.

Like most bamboo flooring varieties, engineered bamboo is not suitable for rooms with excessive water or moisture build-up. Thankfully engineered bamboo has protective coatings that help it resist changing temperatures. Still, extreme levels of humidity, especially those that fluctuate erratically, might cause this type of flooring to warp and buckle.

Engineered bamboo, however, is a lovely choice for many areas of the home. Bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms will look stunning with new bamboo floors. The many stylish finishes available mean there is a colour just right for your home’s interior décor.

Use a broom with soft bristles for light cleaning or a hardwood floor setting on a vacuum. This will avoid unsightly scratching. A hardwood flooring cleaner plus warm water is a good option for regular deep cleans. Just take care to avoid over-saturating your floors, because excessive water might cause bamboo flooring to warp.

Additionally, we suggest using rugs, mats, and carpets, as well as furniture pads, to prevent scratches and dents. Engineered bamboo is resistant to staining and is a hardy flooring option, but proactive measures will keep it looking great for ten, twenty, or even thirty years after installation.

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