Vinyl loose lay planks gives you the great look of hardwood flooring, without the maintenance.

Our vinyl planks are available in a huge range of colours to suit every home or business.



Vinyl planks are 100% waterproof, making them ideal for busy areas.

Easy to

Unlike rafted flooring, individual planks can be easily replaced.

Easy DIY Installation

Planks can be easily cut with a knife for DIY installation.


25 year domestic wear warranty in most cases.

No Expansion

Separate rafts not required. Can be installed up to skirting without scotia.

Easy to

Due to the smooth, waterproof surface, it can be easily cleaned with a mop.



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Modern loose lay vinyl plank flooring is durable, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and looks great!

Not your grandma’s lino, today’s loose lay vinyl planks have more texture and depth to remarkably resemble timber, stone, and tile like never before. If you want a luxurious look (without the luxurious price tag), our cutting-edge vinyl solutions are for you!


Vinyl flooring is quickly becoming the premier flooring choice for many Australians. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is made using the best materials, which are chosen to create a water and stain resistant layer (with many options being waterproof). Online Flooring Store offers a huge range of vinyl floors to buy on sale, which are a great choice for any room of the house.

Loose lay vinyl is designed with durability in mind. In the past, vinyl flooring remained popular due to its ability to repel water.
Today, vinyl plank technology has advanced to combine both a high degree of durability with realistic colours, patterns, and textures.
Vinyl planks now can look as similar as to be indistinguishable from real timber flooring.


Luxury vinyl flooring offers a wide range of perks for the astute home or business owner. Primary among these is the affordability of this timber flooring replacement.
Choosing cheap vinyl plank floorboard instead of timber flooring means choosing a low cost, but durable flooring material. Rather than spend a fortune on timber flooring, which can require different maintenance, looselay vinyl plank flooring is stain and water resistant. Cleaning these floors could become one of your simplest household chores!

Another popular quality of luxury vinyl loose lay flooring is the easy-to-install design.
Luxury vinyl planks can also be easily removed and replaced in the case of major damage. This reduces the hassle involved with installation and repairs that might occur with high-quality timber flooring options.

One of the downfalls of many vinyl plank flooring products is the lack of attention to environmental consciousness. However, Online Flooring Store offers several options for our environmentally conscious customers. Keep in mind that different vinyl looselay flooring products offer different levels of surface layer thickness. For heavily trafficked or industrial areas, seek thick, damage-resistant products.


You have two options; DIY or hire a qualified floor layer. If you're going to do it yourself, we've put together this handy looselay vinyl planks installation guide. If you'd prefer to hire an expert, we can put you in touch with over 220 professional layers Australia wide.


  • We have 30+ years of experience in the flooring industry
  • Australia's best prices. We'll match any comparable price.
  • The biggest range of quality brands


We ship all of our products Australia wide from our showroom in Burleigh Heads. We've teamed up with Australia's fastest couriers, so even if you're in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, or anywhere in between, you'll have your brand new vinyl plank floors ready for DIY or expert install in a matter of days!


Loose lay vinyl plank flooring, or luxury vinyl tile (LVT), is heavy weight flooring that comes in individual planks or tiles, as opposed to the old sheet vinyl products. It is constructed of multiple layers, including layers of mostly PVC and fibreglass. This gives it greater stability than the older 2 mm and 3 mm vinyl plank floors.

When the products were first introduced into Australia, it was originally claimed they required no adhesive due to the success of glue-less installation in other markets. In Australian conditions, however, this proved to be the wrong method of installation due to the varied climates, and the fact that in other markets, many people climate control their homes all day long.

Much trial and error went into fixing this problem, and in the end many manufacturers preferred their products to be installed with at least pressure sensitive adhesive. Other manufacturers prefer that a hard set adhesive is used to remove the possibility of long-term problems with the product. Due to the temperature sensitivity of vinyl plank flooring, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines at all times.

Prior to the release of hybrid flooring, vinyl plank flooring was the go-to product for most households. It is still a hugely popular option for both commercial and residential use.

The benefits of vinyl plank flooring include:

  • Commercially rated wear layers
  • Options for any budget
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Huge variety of options including stone, tile and timber looks
  • DIY-friendly installation
  • With the right floor preparation, it can be used over any subfloor, including wet areas
  • Repairs are relatively easy in that single planks can be replaced without uplifting other sections of the floor

For Residential use, Vinyl Plank Flooring offers many advantages. If you are after a floor that is tough, durable, waterproof and easy to keep clean, then this may well be the flooring choice for you.

For Commercial Use, Vinyl Plank Flooring is great for all of the same reasons, In addition, having it glued to the floor with Hardset Adhesive, will endure that the floor lasts for a long time. Vinyl Plank Flooring is already the flooring of choice for many retail spaces and commercial spaces.

We also feature various blog posts covering everything you need to know about vinyl plank flooring.

Online Flooring Store offers most of the best brands of Vinyl Flooring from Industry Leaders such as NFD, Signature, Decoline, Airstep, Global Alliance and Interface.
Yes! In fact, Vinyl Plank Flooring is the product of choice in many commercial spaces. The chances are that every time you go shopping you are walking on Vinyl Plank Flooring.

On the Upside, Vinyl Plank Flooring is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of hard flooring. It is waterproof, resilient, easy to clean and easy to repair. It is also quite easy to install as a DIY project, but if you do have it installed by a professional, the cost of installation is less than that of Hybrid, Laminate and Timber Flooring.

The down shot of Vinyl Plank floor is it’s sensitivity to temperature, meaning that if it is not bonded to the floor with hard set adhesive, it is likely to grow and shrink with changes in temperature. Vinyl Plank can also look a little like plastic because the surface is rarely Embossed in Register, and the pattern repeat is not great in most cases. It is also one of the least Eco friendly options.

If Vinyl Plank Flooring is being installed over yellow tongue boards or timber floors, most manufacturers require that an underlay of Masonite be nailed to the floor first, and then the Vinyl planks are glued to them.

For Acoustic purposes Underlays are available to help with Structure Borne Noise reduction.

When the Loose Lay Vinyl category was first introduced in Australia, it claimed to require no adhesive due to the success of glueless installation in other markets.

However, Australian weather conditions are unique, with the potential for extreme fluctuations in temperature. Most manufacturers insist on luxury vinyl planks being glued down with at least a pressure-sensitive adhesive due to the varied nature of the Australian environment.

Many prefer that a hard set adhesive is used to remove the possibility of problems with the product. Due to the temperature sensitivity of vinyl plank flooring, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines at all times.

Yes! In fact, luxury vinyl plank flooring is a popular flooring choice among commercial spaces. In fact, you are probably walking on luxury vinyl flooring in many of your favourite shopping spots.
In residential applications, a .5mm wear layer has become the ‘norm’ for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. This wear layer was originally designed for commercial applications, making it especially durable in domestic applications. A .5mm wear layer carries a 25 year or greater wear warranty with almost every manufacturer.
When you first begin shopping for cheap (but high quality) vinyl plank flooring, we recommend contacting our expert team members at Online Flooring Store. We can help anyone who is inexperienced with vinyl loose lay flooring or who might have additional questions not answered in this guide. Don't forget to look through the various blog posts located on our website for further insights into your luxury flooring options.

Online Flooring Store features a range of high quality, luxury vinyl flooring brands.

Choose the Industrial brand for unique, contemporary flooring designs well-suited for industrial and commercial applications. Or discover the lovely natural designs of the Soundless or Revolution brands, which feature both light and dark colour options.

Online Flooring Store recommends using vinyl loose lay flooring in any room in your home or business. These products are known for being a water-resistant and easy-to-clean option for flooring. These qualities make it a great choice for any room, especially one which might experience the unexpected spill.

Due to the durability of the material and its reliability in moist environments, vinyl looselay flooring is often a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. For a reasonable expense, vinyl floors allow you to achieve the same high-quality, luxury look and feel of other flooring varieties.

90% of vinyl planks are laid directly on to concrete. Therefore, they are not considered a type of floating floor. Acoustic underlay is required in high-rise applications and multi-level buildings, such as offices and apartments.

This acoustic underlay is made of rubber and cork, is between 2-5mm in thickness, and acts purely as a noise reduction for the premises below. NOTE: Underlay does not act as a floor levelling property and isn't used for fixing an uneven floor.

Choosing vinyl plank flooring from Online Flooring Store means choosing a durable and reliable material for your floors. Many vinyl planks include 25-year wear and tear warranties, such as most of the varieties found at Online Flooring Store.
Repair on luxury vinyl plank floors is relatively easy considering single planks can be replaced without uplifting other sections of the floor.
First sweep or vacuum your floor and then mop using a PH Neutral Cleaner. Nothing more!
High-quality luxury vinyl flooring has a wear layer that is resistant to scratches. However, no vinyl product is completely scratch proof. If you have a large pet that is particularly rowdy, we recommend choosing the thickest wear layer possible. It can also be helpful to keep your pet's nails trimmed.

Yes, although we recommend using felt furniture pads underneath furniture legs to prevent scratches. Avoid using rubber as this can stain luxury vinyl flooring.

For heavy appliances and furniture, use a large, non-staining surface floor protector. You can also put most luxury vinyl plank flooring under appliances and kitchen cabinets, but it is a good idea to glue down those sections.

Even with a tough wear layer, it is still a good idea to use a mat under rolling desk chairs as these may cause wear and tear over time.
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but in most cases a PH neutral cleaner is all that is required.

Vinyl plank floors are the most DIY-friendly flooring solution on the market. If you have a straight edge, a sharp knife and are careful with adhesive, vinyl plank flooring is a genuine DIY option. We can send you the manufacturer’s installation instructions prior to installation.

If your floor is uneven and requires floor preparation, it is best to have this done by a trained floor preparation specialist.

If you prefer to leave the entire process to the experts, we have a network of 200+ professional floor layers that can lay your floors for you.

By following the installation instructions of the Vinyl Plank Flooring you purchase, it is possible to install this product yourself with a bit of care. Alternately, we can put you in touch with one of 220 installers across Australia.

Vinyl Plank is quite easy to install compared to other resilient and hard flooring types. It is the detail work and finishing of difficult cutting where the skills of a tradesman can make a big difference.

If you think you’d like to try installing Vinyl Plank Flooring as a DIY project, we’ve put together this handy Installation Guide to help you in the task. Otherwise, we can have one of over 220 qualified trades people Australia wide contact you.

Luxury vinyl plank floors are the most DIY-friendy flooring on the market. If you have a straight edge, a sharp knife and are careful with adhesive, luxury vinyl plank flooring is a genuine DIY Option. Online Flooring Store can send you the manufacturer’s installation instructions prior to installation.

If your floor is uneven and requires subfloor preparation, it is best to have the installation completed by a trained Floor Preparation Specialist.
Even though it is durable and waterproof, luxury vinyl flooring is not recommended for exterior installation. Using luxury vinyl flooring outside will almost certainly void the manufacturer's warranty.
Some Manufacturers allow Vinyl Planks to be installed over underfloor heating systems. However, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly if you are going to use Vinyl plank flooring in this application.
Yes, however the floor must be completely level, and the grout joins must be filled and brought up to the height of the rest of the floor. Tiles with a textured surface must be levelled also, as over time Vinyl plank flooring will telegraph any height differences in the sub-floor beneath it.
Yes! Luxury vinyl flooring can be used in high-humidity, moisture-prone areas such as basements, laundries, and kitchens. We recommend adding a vapour barrier underneath if you are installing luxury vinyl flooring over basement concrete.