Loose Lay Vinyl Plank flooring is a new heavy weight vinyl plank or tile floor which has been manufactured to be more dimensionally stable than conventional vinyl planks or tiles. The 4.5 to 5.3mm thick Loose Lay planks are heavy enough to lay flat, and with a stabalising inner core can be laid without requiring hardset adhesives, and therefore the term: Loose Lay.

They still require a thin coat of pressure sensitive adhesive although is still very easy to replace a plank diy.

When loose lay vinyl was originally introduced, manufacturers stated no glue was needed. Due to issues with expansion, manufacturers started following updated laying procedures and specs.

While this still applies to some types in small rooms under 16m2, all loose lay vinyl planks offered through Online Flooring Store require pressure-sensitive glue. Although this glue has just enough stick to hold them in place, it is still just as easy to remove the planks by hand and replace one if needed.

Vinyl plank flooring is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to flooring choice for busy households, offices, and commercial spaces. Benefits of vinyl plank flooring include:

  • Commercial grade wear layer
  • Antistatic
  • Options for any budget
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Wide variety of options including stone, cement, and wood looks
  • DIY installation options such as loose lay, glue down, or click lock
  • Can be used over granite, tile, laminate, cement, and other flat subfloors

While Online Flooring Store recommends professional installers over DIY, some of our products are suitable for DIY installation.

Anyone that can use a Stanley knife and straight edge can install loose lay vinyl planks. These are the easiest of all floors to install DIY.

Online Flooring Store can guide you to our link to installation instructions.

If your floor is uneven or requires sanding, levelling, or grinding, that particular project would be best left to a professional tradesman.

If you are looking for affordable but high-quality vinyl plank flooring, one of our expert team members would be happy to talk with you to determine if it is appropriate for your space.

We also feature various blog posts covering everything you need to know about vinyl plank flooring.

We feature a wide range of high quality vinyl flooring brands.

The Industrial brand features contemporary flooring designs ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Or discover the beautiful natural designs of the Soundless or Revolution brands.

We recommend using loose lay vinyl planks in any room in your commercial space or home. Vinyl planks are notorious for their easy-to-care-for nature and water-resistance. These qualities make vinyl planks ideal for a variety of rooms, especially laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms where unexpected spills may occur.
90% of vinyl planks are laid directly over concrete. Acoustic underlay is often necessary in multi-level buildings or high-rise applications such as apartments or offices, however this differs on a case-by-case basis.
Many of the loose lay vinyl planks we offer through Online Flooring Store come with a 25 year wear and tear warranty.

You have two options, the first of which is hiring a qualified layer (our preferred option). We can put you in touch with over 220 professional installers throughout Australia.

You can also install loose lay vinyl planks yourself using our comprehensive guide.

Yes, vinyl planks make a great flooring option for offices and businesses.

Known for its water resistance and durability, it is ideal for commercial use. If you plan to install vinyl in a commercial setting, choose the highest wear layer to ensure maximum durability.