Jon Cuskelly

Blinds & Shutters Expert

In 1994 Jon transitioned into the screens and blinds industry from hospitality and bought a business specialising in security screens, vertical blinds and roller blinds.

In 2000, Jon decided to branch into shutter manufacturing from a factory in Acacia Ridge in Queensland. Sadly in 2011, a lot of equipment was lost due to floods, and Jon began sourcing both PVC & timber shutters from reputable overseas suppliers to keep up with demand. Jon and the team at Artessa have been wholesaling shutters since this time.

Jon prides himself on product innovation and has assisted the factories in developing new techniques for hemming shutters so sliding shutters can slide even smoother. He also has helped develop an easy installation method for hinge shutters where the shutters are full-framed preinstallation; this means they already fit within a window that may be slightly out of square. Jon is looking forward to having some Australian made shutters on the product line soon.

More than anything else, Jon values customer interaction & communication. He does not just believe in only importing a product and selling it. As a wholesaler, he specialises in training and product education, and he wants people to know how to measure, install and sell. He is always looking for new customers he can help introduce into the industry.

Jon offers a good sustainable warranty on all his products, from higher-end to mid-range quality.