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Due to high levels of moisture, bathroom flooring should be fully waterproof. This, coupled with the tight spaces of bathrooms, makes vinyl and tiles perfect for bathroom flooring. Browse our extensive range below and get fast shipping anywhere in Australia.


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You might think that tiles are your only option for bathroom floors. However, there are great alternatives to tile flooring, such as vinyl, laminate, and other plank flooring products. Plank flooring comes in a variety of wood-like styles, including rustic browns and contemporary greys. You can make your bathroom space feel more like home with plank flooring that is warmer underfoot and quiet compared to ceramic or porcelain tiles.

The best option for a bathroom floor will be waterproof. Water-resistant flooring may not offer enough protection. Water-resistant flooring works well for kitchens, laundry, and other spaces, where spills might occur. For a bathroom space, you need to worry about high levels of moisture in the air and the risk of flooding or leaks. Waterproof flooring is designed to be impermeable to damaging water and moisture.

When it comes to waterproof flooring for a bathroom, look no further than the vinyl planks from Eco Flooring Systems Ornato Luxury. This collection features incredible moisture resistance that works perfectly for slippery areas prone to spills. This waterproof bathroom flooring is designed with multiple layers, including a protective layer that prevents water damage.

Another classic waterproof flooring for the bathroom is ceramic or porcelain tiles. These tiles are designed to be longer-lasting in moisture-prone spaces. They are also very easy to keep clean using either a wet mop or steamer mop.

Slip resistance is a must when it comes to the bathroom. Standing water and moisture are inevitable, which means you want to reduce the risk of falling and hurting yourself. Non-slip flooring, like the Avala Hybrid Planks Collection available at the Online Flooring Store, provides extra protection for slick surfaces. It has a P4 wet pendulum test rating ranking it as a great choice for bathrooms.

Laminate plank flooring is one of the best options for bathroom floors. This type of flooring often has natural waterproof qualities. You can trust its performance to handle almost any type of bathroom space where moisture build-up is a reality. For example, check out Premium Floors’ Quick-Step Majestic range of laminate flooring. It features a HydroSeal technology that creates an even more impenetrable waterproof barrier.

Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for bathrooms in all kinds of homes. Many vinyl plank floors feature waterproof or water-resistant characteristics built into the design. This waterproofness allows for a worry-free household and longer-lasting flooring for your bathroom. For example, you can find many vinyl flooring products at the Online Flooring Store, including the Ultra Plank Loose Lay Vinyl Planks collection. This range offers protection against bacteria, a waterproof surface, and excellent scratch protection.

Hybrid flooring products, which combine the beauty of real timber with the structural integrity of vinyl or laminate, make great bathroom floors. Hybrid planks are designed with the latest features to ensure exceptional performance in any room. The sun and waterproof qualities of hybrid flooring like the Signature Floors Quattro range give you peace of mind.

Installation & Maintenance

Many modern flooring options feature easy-to-understand installation systems, such as click and lock installation. Whether you choose vinyl, laminate, hybrid, or engineered timber, check the description to learn more about installation. At the Online Flooring Store, we do not offer installation directly. However, we can recommend the services of professional layers from all around Australia.

Underlay is a good option if you are placing water-resistant flooring in a bathroom. Waterproof flooring should be impermeable to water damage below the boards, but water-resistant flooring can still allow moisture underneath. Some flooring already comes with attached underlays that dampen sound or protect against damage from water, sunlight, and more.


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