Wonderful Floor brings a stunning new addition to its collection of engineered timber brands – Project Oak. Each micro-bevelled edge of this engineered flooring is highly engineered for quick installation and a beautiful outcome every single time. The multiple layers of timber and plywood are glued together precisely to create a final timber product that is durable and reliable to the needs of a busy home life.

Wonderful Floor Project Oak, with its layers of material, is a sound-proof, extremely water-resistant flooring solution. Each veneered timber layer serves as a barrier to sound disturbances, which makes this flooring a great solution even for large, highly-trafficked areas in the home. And a patented moisture film barrier reduces the build-up of harmful moisture that can shorten the life of your Wonderful Floor Project Oak engineered timber flooring.


The Wonderful Floor Project Oak collection is available in 9 aesthetically-pleasing colours with a light-brushed surface. Fans of more rustic flooring styles with weathered details will enjoy the Han Dynasty or Pearl colours. The bold colours and details of those styles make them well-suited to uniquely-designed rooms. Project Oak also offers more mellow styles, such as Corn and Grey Limed, which fit well in almost any room in the home.

We at the Online Flooring Store pride ourselves on maintaining high standards for the flooring brands we choose to stock. The Wonderful Floor Project range checks all of the boxes for a quality engineered timber flooring to be featured at our store. We hope you come to love Wonderful Floor and its elegant flooring designs as much as our team.