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Carpet tiles are an alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. They come in squares that are easily stuck straight onto your floor without professional guidance. Compared to traditional rolls of carpeting, carpet tiles are specially designed to fit together easily using staples, glue, or nails. Have a commercial or residential property? We sell a huge range of high-quality, great looking carpet tiles at the best prices.

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Carpet Tile Features


Multi-level loop construction.

Range of Sizes

Pile height ranges from 0.5-4 mm.


Made with anti-static surface.

Stays Fresh

Ultra fresh antimicrobial treated.

Solid Backing Structure

PVC backing structure with recycled content.

Last for Years

15 year limited commercial warranty.



Carpet tiles, when compared to traditional broadloom carpeting, allows a greater degree of versatility. It is easier to cut individual tiles to size, rather than fit large rolls of carpeting into a specific space. In addition, carpet tiles are both easily installed and removed. You can have carpet tiles placed in a room in very little time, or a single stained tile removed in order to replace it.

Online Flooring Store carries carpet tile brands made with the best materials and care. Our team has committed themselves to curating the top brands around for your selection. Choose the Arizona range for distinct, thick-lined carpet designs in contrasting colours. Or try the more blended designs of the Dublin and Connection brands, which feature soothing colours.

After spending over 30 years in the flooring industry, we've picked up a thing or two. Our prices are the best anywhere in Australia and are matched by one of the best selections of high quality flooring brands in Australia. If you see a better price elsewhere, contact us and we'll try to match it.

We pride ourselves on being able to ship our products anywhere in Australia. To make the process even quicker, we've partnered with the fastest couriers to bring the best carpet tile brands straight to you. We promise prompt deliveries to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and anywhere in between.

Carpet tiles are a popular alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles come in squares that easily stick right to your floors without professional assistance. They make an excellent, durable alternative to traditional rolls of carpeting.

Carpet tiles boast a greater amount of versatility compared to traditional broadloom carpet. Working with inpidual tiles and cutting them to scale is faster and more convenient than working with rolls of carpeting.

Additionally, carpet tiles are easy to install and remove. You can have a room finished if minimal time.

Another advantage is the ability to remove a single stained tile to replace it versus tearing up an entire room of carpet due to one area of damage.

Online Flooring Store carries a wide range of carpet tile brands. We are committed to carrying only the top brands for you to choose from.

The Arizona range features distinct, contrasting colours and a thick-lined carpet. The Dublin and Connection brands offer soothing, lovely colours. Alternatively, Airlay has a number of stunning ranges including ComoDynamicParagon and Sierra.

Style & Installation

We offer two options for installing your carpet tiles. You can use our carpet tile installation guide to install your carpet on your. If you feel more comfortable with an experienced professional, we offer a directory of 200 qualified professionals based all over Australia.

The carpet tiles available at Online Flooring Store are primarily for use in commercial spaces, especially areas with high traffic and use. They are designed with the best materials and methods to withstand years and years of heavy duty use. However, carpet tiles also make a great option for home flooring, such as alternatives to doormats, stair runners, or in entryways. Carpet tiles let you cover a large space in very little time.

We recommend using carpet tiles in high traffic areas and commercial spaces. Our carpet tiles are manufactured using the highest quality materials and production methods to ensure they can withstand years of heavy-duty use.

Carpet tiles are also perfect used in entryways, stair runners, or as an alternative to doormats.

We recommend changing your underlay when replacing your carpet. Underlay wears out just as carpet does, leaving it with wear patterns similar to the old carpeting.

It is also important to be aware that some manufacturers may void the warranty if carpet and or carpet squares are laid over an old underlay.

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We deliver to all areas in Australia

We Deliver to All Areas in Australia

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