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General Product Questions

Full manufacturers warranties apply. Please refer to specific products for details.

Floating floors "float" on top of the sub-floor below, meaning they are not directly attached (by means of nails or glue) to the sub-floor.

Floating floors get installed over solid timber floors, concrete slabs, and other structural subfloors.

First, an underlay is placed over the subfloor. Then the planks are locked to each other or glued to each other if it is a tongue and groove product.

The planks are not glued or nailed to the subfloor. A small gap is left around any edges to allow for expansion.


No. Our experts at Online Flooring Store recommend using a certified tradesman at all times. However, certain products such as loose lay vinyl planks or our hybrid flooring ranges are more suitable for DIY. Timber flooring, in particular, is not meant for DIY installation.

Any flooring can be laid over ceramic tiles, although there are a few questions to consider first:

  1. Are the tiles solid or drummy?
  2. Are the tiles level, or have high lips?
  3. Will my doors need to be cut at the bottom to fit the new flooring thickness?
  4. Will there be issues with my transitions to the bathroom, laundry or carpeted areas?

While both hybrids and luxury vinyl planks can be laid over tiles, there are some factors to consider beforehand:

  • Hybrid Flooring will cost far less in terms of floor preparation. For this reason, many people opt to go this route.
  • Loose lay vinyl tiles or planks or luxury vinyl planks generally need a diamond grinder and flood coat to prepare tiles prior to installation, making this a rather expensive option.

Acoustic underlays are made of cork and rubber and act as a way to reduce noise for premises below. Australia legally requires this in situations where neighbours would be affected by excess noise.

Depending on your area's layout, it is often best to allow for extra flooring to cover any waste or cuts.

Loose Lay Vinyl Planks FAQs

Loose Lay Vinyl Plank flooring is a new heavy weight vinyl plank or tile floor which has been manufactured to be more dimensionally stable than conventional vinyl planks or tiles. The 4.5 to 5.3mm thick Loose Lay planks are heavy enough to lay flat, and with a stabalising inner core can be laid without requiring hardset adhesives, and therefore the term: Loose Lay.

They still require a thin coat of pressure sensitive adhesive although is still very easy to replace a plank diy.

When loose lay vinyl was originally introduced, manufacturers stated no glue was needed. Due to issues with expansion, manufacturers started following updated laying procedures and specs.

While this still applies to some types in small rooms under 16m2, all loose lay vinyl planks offered through Online Flooring Store require pressure-sensitive glue. Although this glue has just enough stick to hold them in place, it is still just as easy to remove the planks by hand and replace one if needed.

Vinyl plank flooring is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to flooring choice for busy households, offices, and commercial spaces. Benefits of vinyl plank flooring include:

  • Commercial grade wear layer
  • Antistatic
  • Options for any budget
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Wide variety of options including stone, cement, and wood looks
  • DIY installation options such as loose lay, glue down, or click lock
  • Can be used over granite, tile, laminate, cement, and other flat subfloors

While Online Flooring Store recommends professional installers over DIY, some of our products are suitable for DIY installation.

Anyone that can use a Stanley knife and straight edge can install loose lay vinyl planks. These are the easiest of all floors to install DIY.

Online Flooring Store can guide you to our link to installation instructions.

If your floor is uneven or requires sanding, levelling, or grinding, that particular project would be best left to a professional tradesman.

If you are looking for affordable but high-quality vinyl plank flooring, one of our expert team members would be happy to talk with you to determine if it is appropriate for your space.

We also feature various blog posts covering everything you need to know about vinyl plank flooring.

We feature a wide range of high quality vinyl flooring brands.

The Industrial brand features contemporary flooring designs ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Or discover the beautiful natural designs of the Soundless or Revolution brands.

We recommend using loose lay vinyl planks in any room in your commercial space or home. Vinyl planks are notorious for their easy-to-care-for nature and water-resistance. These qualities make vinyl planks ideal for a variety of rooms, especially laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms where unexpected spills may occur.
90% of vinyl planks are laid directly over concrete. Acoustic underlay is often necessary in multi-level buildings or high-rise applications such as apartments or offices, however this differs on a case-by-case basis.
Many of the loose lay vinyl planks we offer through the Online Flooring Store come with a 25 year wear and tear warranty.

You have two options, the first of which is hiring a qualified layer (our preferred option). We can put you in touch with over 220 professional installers throughout Australia.

You can also install loose lay vinyl planks yourself using our comprehensive guide.

Yes, vinyl planks make a great flooring option for offices and businesses.

Known for its water resistance and durability, it is ideal for commercial use. If you plan to install vinyl in a commercial setting, choose the highest wear layer to ensure maximum durability.

Hybrid Flooring FAQs

Most Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for use in any area of your business or home. Kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, and any areas where unexpected spills may occur make particularly great spots to install hybrid flooring.

Hybrid flooring's multi-layered construction also makes it well suited for extreme temperature changes and harsh sunlight, conditions Australia knows all too well. The thick, durable planks are designed to stay beautiful through years of wear and tear.

Hybrid flooring makes an appealing addition to any room in your commercial space, office, or home. With multiple, hard-pressed layers, hybrid planks are durable and waterproof.

They are excellent for application in kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms or any other rooms throughout your space.

At the Online Flooring Store, we are committed to helping you find the best flooring solution for your needs. Our experts can help you select the ideal flooring from our wide range of durable, high-quality hybrid floors.

Select the Kimberley range for natural, yet bold, colours that can easily become the highlight of your decor. Or, opt for more natural colours with the Venice or Expressive brands.

We always recommend hiring a professional layer. However, hybrid flooring is one of the easiest floors for DIY installation.

Anyone that can use a straight edge and a Stanley knife can install hybrid flooring. If you wish to handle the installation yourself, we have created a helpful hybrid flooring installation guide for your reference.

If your floor is uneven or requires grinding, sanding, or levelling, it may be best to hire a professional tradesman.

If you prefer to hire a professional installer, we are happy to connect you with over 220 professional layers throughout Australia.

Timber FAQs

Timber flooring is milled from high-quality, solid timber. When installed and cared for properly, timber floors are capable of lasting for generations. They come in practically endless varieties, finishes, grains, and colours, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home.
We offer an extensive range of high-quality flooring including pre-finished solid timber, solid hardwood floors, and engineered timber. Feel free to contact us to discuss the differences between solid timber and engineered timber, which variety would be best for your home, and how to choose a colour or style.

Solid timber floors are completely natural and best suited for breathable, open spaces such as hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Because it is natural, extreme temperatures and moisture can negatively affect timber flooring, causing it to expand or shrink. Because of these properties, we do not recommend timber flooring in bathrooms or any other rooms susceptible to moisture issues.

It is crucial to protect your hardwood flooring from water if you want to keep it luxurious and beautiful for years to come. It is also important to avoid situations that may stain or scratch it.

When cleaning, avoid abrasive products, steel wood, hard-head vacuum cleaners, and wet mops. Clean your timber flooring regularly by sweeping and vacuuming frequently and immediately wiping up any spills.

If you are concerned if your flooring was harvested responsibly or not, you will want to look at certifications prior to purchasing flooring. We highly recommend visiting The Australian Timber Flooring Association(ATFA) for further details.

Engineered Timber FAQs

Engineered timber flooring consists of a pure timber veneer over a multilayered plywood core. Along with being cost-effective and beautiful, engineered timber is durable, strong, and less likely to experience gapping or splitting than solid timber floors.

It makes a perfect choice for individuals looking to update their home with the luxury of solid timber without the high price.

Engineered timber offers the same look at solid timber without the risk of moving, expanding, shrinking, or warping due to a change in season or weather.

Engineered floating floorboards are also able to be installed faster than solid timber. Most engineered timber also comes pre-finished, meaning you do not need to spend time sealing, sanding, or staining. This saves both time and money during installation.

Engineered hardwood is created by using real hardwood over a layered plywood core.

The plywood core layers typically consist of high-density fiberboard glued together in opposite directions. Much like laminate, engineered timber cores are constructed with a tongue and groove system that allows for click and lock installation.

Solid timber is a natural product that is known for its stunning appearance and luxurious beauty. Engineered timber features a real timber veneer over a multi-layered plywood core. It can last for generations when cared for properly.

While solid timber is susceptible to moisture damage and changes in climate, engineered flooring offers the same appearance with less risk of shrinking, warping, or expanding. Engineered timber features a real timber layer over a multi-layered core.

Engineered timber and laminate flooring both feature multi-layer construction. Laminate is an entirely synthetic product that does not completely capture the appeal of real timber.

Engineered timber floors also boast a longer lifespan than laminate floors. While they may cost more up front, engineered timber floors can prove worth the initial cost thanks to their quality.

Engineered timber floors make a lovely addition to a variety of rooms and are becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern Australian homes.

They are excellent at making small spaces feel larger and also make a great option in dining or kitchen spaces. Since they are durable and hard-wearing, they are suitable for high traffic areas.

In many ways, engineered timber flooring requires care and considerations similar to hardwood flooring. Caring for engineered timber mostly comes down to paying attention to which cleaners you choose. Avoid using generic floor cleaners or detergents as these may cause permanent damage to your flooring.

It is best to follow the cleaning guidelines outlined by the manufacturer. Floors should be swept and vacuumed regularly to avoid dust and dirt build up.

Spills and messes should be cleaned up immediately. A dry or damp mop can be used for deep cleaning as needed.

Rugs can be used for added protection against spills or scratches in areas you are particularly concerned.

Carpet Tiles FAQs

Carpet tiles are a popular alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles come in squares that easily stick right to your floors without professional assistance. They make an excellent, durable alternative to traditional rolls of carpeting.

Carpet tiles boast a greater amount of versatility compared to traditional broadloom carpet. Working with inpidual tiles and cutting them to scale is faster and more convenient than working with rolls of carpeting.

Additionally, carpet tiles are easy to install and remove. You can have a room finished if minimal time.

Another advantage is the ability to remove a single stained tile to replace it versus tearing up an entire room of carpet due to one area of damage.

We recommend using carpet tiles in high traffic areas and commercial spaces. Our carpet tiles are manufactured using the highest quality materials and production methods to ensure they can withstand years of heavy-duty use.

Carpet tiles are also perfect used in entryways, stair runners, or as an alternative to doormats.

The Online Flooring Store carries a wide range of carpet tile brands. We are committed to carrying only the top brands for you to choose from.

The Arizona range features distinct, contrasting colours and a thick-lined carpet. The Dublin and Connection brands offer soothing, lovely colours. Alternatively, Airlay has a number of stunning ranges including ComoDynamicParagon and Sierra.

We recommend changing your underlay when replacing your carpet. Underlay wears out just as carpet does, leaving it with wear patterns similar to the old carpeting.

It is also important to be aware that some manufacturers may void the warranty if carpet is laid over an old underlay.

AquaPlank Laminate Flooring FAQs

AquaPlank is next-generation laminate flooring. It is the ultimate in stress-free, water-resistant flooring.

Benefits of AquaPlank laminate floors include:

  • Weather resistant
  • Water resistant for up to 72 hours
  • Shrink resistant
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Warp resistant
  • Resitant to scratches, stains, burns, and dents
  • Wide selection of colours and styles to fit your decor

The Atroguard Water Resist Technology and sun protection qualities of AquaPlanks features Atroguard Water Resistant Technology that makes them water-resistant for up to 72 hours.

 Additionally, AquaPlank resists the warping and shrinking that can be caused by harsh Australian sunlight. A special surface protectant increases the durability of these floors, making them harder to stain, burn, or scratch.

 For fans of traditional oak styles, AquaPlank's Whitsundays XL brand -- perfect for larger rooms -- offers a lovely selection in a wide range of stunning colours.

Laminate flooring is different from hardwood flooring. While both are made from wood, laminate features synthetic components and is an entirely different product requiring different care and maintenance.

Unlike hardwood, using wax on laminate flooring can actually cause a buildup of dirt that will make your flooring look dull and cloudy.

Since some cleaning companies are actually misguided on the use of wax on laminate floors, always check any cleaning products to make sure wax is not an ingredient.

Stick with a cleaner specifically designed for laminate flooring.

Better yet, check with the manufacturer for specific cleaning advice for your flooring.

Style and Design FAQs

Whether you choose vinyl, laminate, or timber, the right plank size for your room is key. It is important to strike the right balance with plank widths to avoid overwhelming a room or making it feel cramped.

For example, a large room with 3" wide planks is at risk of feeling busy and cluttered. Alternatively, a small room with planks larger than 5" wide may feel even smaller.

Generally, we like to say that the bigger the room, the bigger the plank size you should choose.

The best flooring choice for you depends on where you wish to install it and your lifestyle.

A few important considerations when choosing flooring:

  • Will it be installed in a wet area such as a bathroom or laundry room? If so, our high-quality vinyl planks are 100% waterproof and especially well-suited for areas prone to moisture or spills.
  • Is real timber non-negotiable for you? If so, we offer both real timber and engineered timber based on your design preferences and needs.
  • Do you like the look of laminate but worry about potential moisture issues? Our AquaPlank range features special technology that makes it resistant to moisture for up to 72 hours.

 If you need additional help deciding on which flooring would best suit your space, please feel free to contact us.

If you are looking into updating your flooring but unsure of how to get started, visit our website for helpful blogs, to browse our extensive range of products, or to get in touch with one of our friendly team members.
Simply contact us and one of our experienced, friendly team members would be happy to provide you with a quote

What colour flooring goes with dark cabinets? Although we can't give you an exact answer, we do have a few recommendations:

  • Avoid Matching - If you try to match the colours and they do not match exactly, they will clash. It can also be overwhelming if you have too much of the same colour.
  • Consider Lighter Tones - The contrast of lighter flooring paired with dark cabinets can look especially beautiful and reflect more light throughout the room.

Thankfully, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your home decor. We are all about creativity and embracing the look you want.

One of the best ways to see if a certain type of flooring would look good in your home is coming to see it in person. Pictures often fail to convey the exact look of a product.

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