Tasmanian Oak Flooring

Tasmanian oak flooring has a hardness rating of 4.9-5.5 on the Janka scale, therefore offering good resistance to daily wear and tear. This hardwood is harder than teak and works well with stain. Browse our full range of Tasmanian oak flooring below.


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Tasmanian oak flooring is made from three related species of hardwood trees, including mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans), messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua), and alpine ash (Eucalyptus delegatensis.) These three Eucalypts have similar timber styles and hardiness. Nicknamed ‘Tasmanian’ oak due to their sourcing in Tasmania, this timber is harder than teak and works well with stain. In some areas of Australia, it may be marketed under other names.

Tasmanian oak is considered one of the best flooring choices due to its resilience, long-lasting qualities, and resistance to water and sunlight.


  • Aesthetics: It boasts a light, appealing colour that ranges from straw to reddish-brown. This makes it perfect for a range of different décors.
  • Durability: With a hardness rating of 4.9-5.5 on the Janka scale, Tasmanian Oak offers good resistance to daily wear and tear. It's not as naturally dense or hardy, however, as other Australian varieties such as Spotted Gum and Blackbutt.
  • Resistance to water and sunlight: It can be used in a number of rooms throughout the house, including rooms that are well lit or where light spills may occur (such as kitchens or living rooms).
  • Environmental sustainability: Sourced from well-managed forests, it's an environmentally conscious choice for flooring.


  • Moisture sensitivity: The timber's susceptibility to changes in moisture levels can lead to shrinkage and expansion. Careful installation and maintenance are required to eliminate issues such as cupping or warping.
  • Maintenance requirements: To maintain its appearance and longevity, it may require regular sealing and protection.

Many of our flooring options feature easy-to-use installation methods. If you prefer to have them professionally installed, you can find a local layer in your area or we can connect you with one of the 200+ layers we have in our Australia-wide directory.

We ship all over Australia. Our partnership with the fastest couriers allows us to bring our products to you in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and anywhere else. The entire purchase process has a quick turnaround time.

Style & Design

Tasmanian oak is considered a hardwood with a decent resilience. However, at 5.5 on the Janka scale, it is one of the lighter hardwoods used for flooring. The benefit of this lighter-density timber is that it is easy to work, unlike harder timbers.

Light and airy in colour, Tasmanian oak typically varies from straw-yellow to reddish brown. Intermediate shades move from cream to pink. Unlike some hardwood varieties, solid timber Tasmanian oak will not fade to a darker colour as it ages.

In the flooring industry, it is known for its staining qualities. This timber takes stain well without many problems, which makes it simple to ready match with other timber types, furnishings, and finishes.

Tasmanian oak will not look the same if you compare it across all flooring collections and types. Colour variations arise depending on the exact species used for the material. Synthetic flooring options, such as hybrid flooring, may choose to highlight a reddish-brown style or a cream style depending on their preference.

As the trees used to create Tasmanian oak flooring have straight trunks, you can expect a straight-grained look. It is a popular option for fans of blonde woods with a uniform appearance.

Tasmanian oak is a common choice for flooring due to its pleasant blonde variations and straight grain. This timber is also used in parquetry, cabinetry, sub-flooring, skirting boards, and tables. It is easily worked, making more intricate cuts possible.

With its colour variation, Tasmanian oak is a versatile flooring style. You can look for designs that lean more towards cream, straw-coloured for farmhouse décor. Or you can warm up interior spaces with more pink or reddish-brown shades. Besides colour variation, this timber is a versatile option for flooring in general. It holds up well to traffic and has decent natural resistance to sunlight and water.


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