Fresh, active, and full of life are all ways to define Airlay's Paragon carpet tiles. Each high-quality tile applies the exceptional materials and technology as the other carpet tiles produced by Airlay. The Paragon brand, however, offers one of the widest range of colours for creating the perfect interior space.

Paragon made 18 different shades of their high performance, multi-level loop, premium solution dyed nylon carpet tiles to let customers mix and match. Each intense colour in the Paragon brand features a new way to enhance a lobby, office, conference room, or any other commercial space.

With 18 brilliant colours to choose between, Airlay Paragon carpet tiles are the perfect flooring pieces to mix and match. Beautiful blue varieties, such as Denim and Royal Blue, are a calm addition to a serene library setting. Bright, flashy styles, like Chilli, Hot Pink, and Tangerine, however, provide endless energy to all kinds of rooms.

The Online Flooring Store brings a full assortment of Airlay Paragon carpet tiles to its valued customers. This selection of magnificent colours is unmatched anywhere else in Australia. With a striking range of colours, this flooring brand is a popular option for a wide variety of commercial and domestic settings.