Decoline Oasis brings durable, long-lasting flooring solutions into Australian homes. This collection features 12 styles that are perfect for the demanding daily life of a busy family. With 5.0 mm thickness, each vinyl plank will maintain the same beautiful look and feel for years after installation.

In addition to thick, flexible planks, Decoline Oasis features an enhanced commercial MicroCeramic 0.5 mm wear layer to ensure its durability and reliability. A non-slip rubber backing gives the Decoline brand top ratings in Australia for slip resistance and safety. Decoline provides comfort to parents that their families and guests will be safe in their home. These loose lay vinyl planks are also warmer under bare feet than other flooring options, which is perfect for wandering around on cool mornings.

Decoline Oasis strives to offer an easy alternative to complicated flooring projects to its customers. The Oasis flooring line is easy to install and there are no pieces that need to be clicked or snapped together. Accidents are also not a headache with Decoline Oasis. These vinyl planks fit together tightly to ensure small spills can be wiped up without issue. Even large spills are made simple by lifting up a plank and fitting it back down afterwards.


Each style in the Decoline Oasis brand has natural, wooden details that add an authentic look and a luxurious texture to the planks. Decoline is proud to offer a loose lay vinyl flooring option with a high standard of style and texture compared to real hardwood. Light and simple styles, like White Oak and Lime Wash, are popular choices for all rooms in the house. Elegant, vibrant colours, such as Kempas and Antique Walnut, are great additions to a dining room or home office space.

Our team at the Online Flooring Store works hard to offer only the best loose lay vinyl planks. The Decoline Oasis brand features all of the wonderful qualities that our team likes to see in homes. Each aspect of this vinyl flooring adds up to create a stylish statement piece for any room in your home.