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Timber flooring is usually milled from solid, high-quality timber. When installed properly, solid timber floors have been known to last many generations with appropriate care and upkeep. They come in many beautiful varieties; with different colours, grains, and finishes to best suit the style and décor in any room.


Online Flooring Store offers a huge range of different flooring styles for sale, including engineered timber, pre-finished solid timber and solid hardwood floors.


Strong and durable, our engineered timber flooring collections features pure timber veneer tops with a superior multilayer plywood core below. If you are looking for the luxurious look of solid timber without the price or time, choose engineered timber.


Our popular hardwood flooring collections represent the best of the best in terms of solid timber styles. If you are looking to invest in your home, we recommend considering the luxurious look and feel of true solid timber flooring.



Timber flooring is milled from high-quality, solid timber. When installed and cared for properly, timber floors are capable of lasting for generations. They come in practically endless varieties, finishes, grains, and colours, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home.
We offer an extensive range of high-quality flooring including pre-finished solid timber, solid hardwood floors, and engineered timber. Feel free to contact us to discuss the differences between solid timber and engineered timber, which variety would be best for your home, and how to choose a colour or style.

Solid timber floors are completely natural and best suited for breathable, open spaces such as hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Because it is natural, extreme temperatures and moisture can negatively affect timber flooring, causing it to expand or shrink. Because of these properties, we do not recommend timber flooring in bathrooms or any other rooms susceptible to moisture issues.

It is crucial to protect your hardwood flooring from water if you want to keep it luxurious and beautiful for years to come. It is also important to avoid situations that may stain or scratch it.

When cleaning, avoid abrasive products, steel wood, hard-head vacuum cleaners, and wet mops. Clean your timber flooring regularly by sweeping and vacuuming frequently and immediately wiping up any spills.

If you are concerned if your flooring was harvested responsibly or not, you will want to look at certifications prior to purchasing flooring. We highly recommend visiting The Australian Timber Flooring Association(ATFA) for further details.

Engineered timber flooring consists of a pure timber veneer over a multilayered plywood core. Along with being cost-effective and beautiful, engineered timber is durable, strong, and less likely to experience gapping or splitting than solid timber floors.

It makes a perfect choice for individuals looking to update their home with the luxury of solid timber without the high price.

Engineered timber offers the same look at solid timber without the risk of moving, expanding, shrinking, or warping due to a change in season or weather.

Engineered floating floorboards are also able to be installed faster than solid timber. Most engineered timber also comes pre-finished, meaning you do not need to spend time sealing, sanding, or staining. This saves both time and money during installation.

Engineered hardwood is created by using real hardwood over a layered plywood core.

The plywood core layers typically consist of high-density fiberboard glued together in opposite directions. Much like laminate, engineered timber cores are constructed with a tongue and groove system that allows for click and lock installation.

Solid timber is a natural product that is known for its stunning appearance and luxurious beauty. Engineered timber features a real timber veneer over a multi-layered plywood core. It can last for generations when cared for properly.

While solid timber is susceptible to moisture damage and changes in climate, engineered flooring offers the same appearance with less risk of shrinking, warping, or expanding. Engineered timber features a real timber layer over a multi-layered core.

Engineered timber and laminate flooring both feature multi-layer construction. Laminate is an entirely synthetic product that does not completely capture the appeal of real timber.

Engineered timber floors also boast a longer lifespan than laminate floors. While they may cost more up front, engineered timber floors can prove worth the initial cost thanks to their quality.

Engineered timber floors make a lovely addition to a variety of rooms and are becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern Australian homes.

They are excellent at making small spaces feel larger and also make a great option in dining or kitchen spaces. Since they are durable and hard-wearing, they are suitable for high traffic areas.

In many ways, engineered timber flooring requires care and considerations similar to hardwood flooring. Caring for engineered timber mostly comes down to paying attention to which cleaners you choose. Avoid using generic floor cleaners or detergents as these may cause permanent damage to your flooring.

It is best to follow the cleaning guidelines outlined by the manufacturer. Floors should be swept and vacuumed regularly to avoid dust and dirt build up.

Spills and messes should be cleaned up immediately. A dry or damp mop can be used for deep cleaning as needed.

Rugs can be used for added protection against spills or scratches in areas you are particularly concerned.