Terra Master

Every inch of Terra Mater Floors’ Wildoak Lakewood Herringbone engineered timber is infused with durability and beauty. This includes 9 layers of German Klumpp coating, which gives each plank an extreme matt finish. The special invisible UV lacquer completes everything by giving the planks the true feel of natural wood flooring. All materials are legally sourced from Germany, Romania, Poland, and France.

The durability of the Wildoak Lakewood Herringbone collection goes below the surface to its impeccably-constructed structure. Each plank is made with a 3mm European Oak lamella and has a total thickness of 14mm. The micro bevelled edges add further authenticity to this engineered timber. Plus, all products from this Terra Mater Floors range include 10-year and 20-year warranties for commercial and domestic uses, respectively.

There is a style that will perfectly accentuate the interiors of your home’s spaces in the Wildoak Lakewood Herringbone collection. The 5 styles range from dark to light, but all of them feature the same amazing feeling of stepping on natural wood. The golden Magnolia design is an excellent option for large, open gathering spaces. And the dark mocha French Grey colour offers European elegance to dining rooms and bedrooms alike.

The Online Flooring Store team is constantly looking to new ways to expand our customer’s options. With the Terra Mater Floors brand, we believe we have succeeded in offering an amazing selection of high-quality flooring at reasonable prices. The Wildoak Lakewood Herringbone range is the answer to all of your domestic or commercial flooring needs.