Artificial (Fake) Grass

Our artificial turf is 20% cooler than most other brands, soft underfoot, child and pet friendly, and comes with a warranty up to 15 years. Our artificial turf ranges are heat resistant and have been tested to withstand Australian climate conditions.


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Overview Artificial (Fake) Grass Overview Artificial (Fake) Grass

Artificial Grass Features

  • Easy to Maintain No need to water your lawn every 2-3 days.
  • Soft Underfoot Pile heights ranging from 9-45 mm.
  • Family Friendly Fake grass is child & pet friendly.
  • Light Resistant Special designed blades reflect most of the sunlight.
  • Environmentally Friendly No harmful chemicals or heavy metals.
  • Lasts for Years Up to 15 years warranty.



Our artificial grass is designed according to the profiles of natural grass and is suitable for different climates across Australia. It is uniquely designed with curling fibres to imitate the natural growth of Australian vegetation.
This synthetic grass is 20% cooler than most other artificial turf products, making it comfortable underfoot (especially for families with children).

Artificial grass is perfectly safe for children and pets to play on and around. The synthetic materials used to create artificial turf do not contain harmful chemicals. Your children and pets can have the same experience playing on artificial grass as natural grass. In fact, artificial grass offers the added benefits of shock absorption and no grass stains.

At Online Flooring Store, we carry a brand of artificial grass that has a layered backing to reduce bacteria growth. This backing helps ensure a permeable surface that allows moisture to escape. Without moisture build-up, you can expect fewer bacteria growth.

Installation & Maintenance

You can easily lay artificial grass directly on top of the soil in your yard. Before installation, you should remove all the natural grass and other vegetation. You can choose to add an underlay to provide padding, promote drainage, or create a weed barrier. However, mostly flat, level yards can get away without an underlay.

There are several steps you need to follow to prepare your ground for artificial grass installation. First, remove all the natural grass growing in the yard. Prepare any edging or weed barriers after removing all vegetation. Sometimes you might also need to grade the surface to ensure a smooth, level surface to roll out the artificial turf.

With the right care and maintenance, artificial turf can last up to 20 years before it would need to be replaced. If the grass experiences heavier wear and tear, especially traffic and impacts, it might not last as long. For example, artificial turf used in sports fields typically requires more frequent replacements.

Artificial turf is designed to provide excellent drainage when installed correctly. Even during heavy rainfall, your artificial grass should not experience excessive flooding. Most brands of fake grass are made with porous materials that promote absorption and drainage.

Artificial grass can develop mold in the right conditions, especially in humid environments. However, you can clean artificial turf with a mixture of diluted hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to use a high-quality artificial grass option that uses anti-bacterial characteristics.

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We deliver to all areas in Australia

We Deliver to All Areas in Australia

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