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Blackbutt flooring is exceptionally strong and durable. It has the highest class 1 durability rating, which means it resists decay and pests for longer than other flooring alternatives. Browse our full range of blackbutt flooring options below, including vinyl, hybrid, laminate and timber floors.

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Blackbutt is a popular Australian hardwood more properly known as Eucalyptus pilularis. This species of eucalyptus tree grows mainly in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Lauded for its high durability and unique colour variations, blackbutt is a popular choice for both residential and commercial flooring.

Blackbutt flooring is recognized as a widely desirable One of the key points to its popularity is its strength compared to other hardwoods. Blackbutt has a Janka dry hardness of 9.1kN, which is like spotted gum, another stylish Australian hardwood. And along with long-lasting durability, blackbutt is a very fast-growing hardwood. Its quick growth makes it a wonderful sustainable timber option for the eco-conscious customer.

Other pros of blackbutt flooring include incredible termite resistance, fire resistance, and resistance to everyday scratches. It is one of the few timbers that are well-suited to withstanding the unique climate conditions of Australia without problems.

One of the unfortunate cons of blackbutt as a flooring is that it does not react well to adhesives and paints. Bonding substances can leave stain marks on blackbutt. And painting blackbutt timber leads to surface cracks. Always choose a varnish or polish for the proper maintenance of blackbutt flooring.

Depending on the flooring type you select, you have two main options to install your blackbutt flooring, either DIY or hire an expert. Many of the collections we offer allow for easy, DIY installation. Checkout our useful installation guides at We understand, however, if you want the expertise of a professional. Our team can help connect you with over 220 professional layers all over Australia.

We offer a wide variety of brands that feature beautiful blackbutt flooring designs. At the Online Flooring Store, you can select from engineered timber, hybrid, vinyl, and laminate ranges to find the perfect blackbutt style for your home or business. Plus, altogether we have over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry to back up our advice.

Our showroom is in Burleigh Heads, but we ship Australia wide. We have a partnership with the fastest couriers in Australia to bring our products to you in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and anywhere else. The whole process takes less time than you would expect.

Style & Design

Blackbutt is classified as a hardwood. It has a Janka rating of 9.1, which indicates the strength and durability of timber species. Although blackbutt has a fast growth rate, it develops strong wood.

Blackbutt has a much lighter colour compared to many other popular hardwood timbers. This unique timber features golden brown hues and creamy brown tones, with lovely gum veins and heartwood variations. Overall, colour can vary between different brands and flooring types. For example, a pinkish quality is present in some styles. The natural timber typically has an even colour no matter which variation you choose.

Using blackbutt in flooring helps bring a little piece of classic Australian style and tone into a space. A native species to Australia, blackbutt is naturally well-adapted to the variability of the Australian climate. Plus, its relatively low-maintenance design makes it great for residential use.

This flooring is hardy, but features a light, pleasant colour with golden and pale brown tones. Placing it in living spaces, hallways, and kitchens, where foot traffic is at its peak is ideal. But it also works well to add lightness to enclosed rooms, like offices and bedrooms.

Blackbutt flooring typically has a busier appearance compared to spotted gum styles. Its lighter hardwood colour features unique knots, veins, and other markings in the grain. Spotted gum is also usually darker in tone with more golden tones. Both have a similar price point, so the choice truly comes down to your stylistic preference.

Blackbutt is favored by designers and builders due to its lovely, unique variations in colour, texture, and style. Although it is known for its classic golden and pale brown hues, blackbutt varies a lot, which allows for plenty of creative potential. Staining and polishing your blackbutt flooring can help to create a different look to fit your interior perfectly.


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