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Flooring designed for office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses must be more heavy-duty, waterproof and slip resistant than residential products. Commercial grade flooring should withstand above-average wear and tear without showing signs of damage or weathering. Check out the best hybrid, engineered timber, vinyl, and laminate commercial floors that require limited maintenance. We think they will suit the needs of all types of business applications.

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When you see flooring designated as “commercial grade” you can expect a highly durable product designed with businesses in mind. Commercial grade flooring can withstand the heavy traffic areas more common to business environments.

Vinyl may be the optimal material when it comes to commercial flooring. Vinyl is not a cheap plastic, and many luxury vinyl planks look anything but cheap. Vinyl flooring is manufactured out of durable PVC that can hold up against heavy traffic areas in commercial spaces. Many vinyl flooring planks are resistant to dents, impacts, and stains. They are also often waterproof, which is ideal for a restaurant or café setting.

Depending on the flooring type, most commercial flooring requires regular, but simple, maintenance. As commercial grade flooring is designed to hold up to excessive wear and tear, you can expect it to hold up well with the bare minimum of cleaning and maintenance. Basic sweeping and vacuuming will keep the planks looking like new for most vinyl, hybrid, engineered timber, or laminate floors. Clean up spills and replace severely damaged boards if necessary for the best look.

Consider choosing commercial grade flooring that features easy-to-clean properties. Many vinyl, hybrid, and laminate products on the market are waterproof and come with stain repellence or protective top layers.

At Online Flooring Store, we provide installation guides for many of our great product selections. Go to for a full look at our available guides. However, we do not offer installation services directly through our store. If you desire a professional layer to help with your commercial flooring project, we can connect you with over 200 experts all over Australia.

Style & Design

Commercial office spaces experience plenty of foot traffic, so keep that in mind when choosing the floors. If the office space features a kitchen area, you also need to consider the potential for spills. Consider impact-resistant, waterproof flooring options like some of our laminate or vinyl products here at Online Flooring Store. However, at our Online Flooring Store, you can also find durable hybrid and engineered timber collections that feature hard-wearing characteristics, including water resistance.

For a space that typically receives a lot of foot traffic, you will need to consider how long you want your commercial flooring to last. Retail stores may see hundreds of people every day. While vinyl plank floors or engineered timber planks might have excellent impact resistance, they might not hold up for as long as commercial-grade laminate floors. Laminate flooring has the best dent and scratch resistance, plus incredible abrasion resistance.

Consider the style of the store, too. Darker colours will hide signs of dirt and grime easier, but light colours will brighten up the surroundings in a friendly, welcoming manner. If you choose a light style, make sure it comes from a range that has stain-resistance.

Look for waterproof floors and slip resistant above all else when selecting flooring for a restaurant or café. Commercial grade vinyl, hybrid, or even waterproof laminate will be ideal. Water and food spills can equal a lot of damage and costly repairs if you have the wrong flooring. Consider hybrid or vinyl planks that can be mopped or vacuumed weekly for a quick, effective cleaning routine.

Remember to consider the overall style of the restaurant or café in question, too. At Online Flooring Store, we carry a variety of colours and grain styles in our hybrid, engineered timber, vinyl, and laminate collections. However, some spaces may be more suited to a chic luxury vinyl in a contemporary grey as opposed to an engineered timber in a woodsy Blackbutt style.

Real hardwood planks are not ideal when used in a busy commercial setting. Lots of foot traffic can severely damage planks over a short time. Stains, scratches, and scuffing cannot be prevented on wood flooring and cannot be repaired. If you end up installing wood floors for your restaurant, retail store, or office space, you may end up replacing multiple boards or the entire floor before too long.


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