Pre-Finished Solid Timber

This collection of pre-finished solid timber features a smooth finish of water-based eco-polyurethane coating for durable, long-lasting use. Choose from 8 styles of incredible Australian native species to almost instantly transform the spaces of your home.


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Overview Pre-Finished Solid Timber Overview Pre-Finished Solid Timber

Pre-finished solid timber is similar to hardwood flooring but differs in one major aspect. As opposed to hardwood timber, pre-finished timber is coated, treated, and sealed in a factory setting prior to installation. At Online Flooring Store, we carry the Wonderful Floor brand which features water-based eco-polyurethane coating for increased durability.

Pre-Finished Solid Timber Features

  • Sturdy and Long-lasting
  • Protective Coating
  • Pre-finished
  • Smooth Finish Surface
  • Micro Bevel Edges
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty



Pre-finished solid timber is similar to hardwood flooring but differs in one major aspect. As opposed to hardwood timber, pre-finished timber is coated, treated, and sealed in a factory setting prior to installation.

Pre-finished solid timber flooring may be right for your home if you are looking for a quick and easy installation process. Because the boards are treated in a factory, there is no need to spend the 6 weeks to acclimatise them to your home environment. They are ready for installation as soon as they are delivered to your home.

The pre-finishing process also means that there is no mess or smell. You do not need to sand this type of timber flooring, which means there will be no sawdust debris. Pre-finished timber is polished during the manufacturing process, which means your family will not deal with the strong fumes for weeks.

The benefits of pre-finished solid timber are apparent even years after installation. Damaged floorboards can be quickly and easily replaced without needing to fully recoat your entire floor.

Our team at Online Flooring Store believes pre-finished solid timber is a great option for those who like the look and feel of true hardwood timber, but do not feel comfortable with the demands of installation or upkeep. You will find that the factory coating is often stronger than those used during in-home installation with traditional hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floorboards need as many as 6 weeks to acclimatise to the space. They are also sealed in your home, which requires a few days of drying before you can walk on them. With pre-finished timber, however, you and your family will not need to disrupt your daily routine for longer than a day.

Unfinished solid timber flooring will be more expensive than unfinished timber. However, you will not be paying for the products and labour involved with finishing timber flooring post-installation.

At Online Flooring Store, you can trust our over 50 years of expertise to lead you to the right choice in flooring. We stay on top of the latest industry trends and work to put the best brands in the store. You will find great styles and great prices, as well as a business that puts our customers first.

We ship almost everywhere in Australia thanks to our partnership with Australia’s fastest couriers. You can get high-quality flooring products delivered to your door whether you live in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, or anywhere in between.

Yes, prefinished solid timber is safe for pets. When choosing between an unfinished or a prefinished solid timber floor, we recommend prefinished. This type of flooring usually is coated with aluminium oxide for a sturdier finish.

Yes, prefinished solid timber flooring is a suitable flooring solution for a home with kids. You can worry less about the rough wear that can happen with active kids because prefinished solid timber is designed to be durable and reliable.

Style & Installation

Pre-finished solid timber is similar to the hardwood flooring we offer at Online Flooring Store. Our pre-finished brands are great options for almost any room in your home. It is not recommended, however, for use in laundries, bathrooms, or other rooms prone to water spills. A damp environment can alter the appearance of solid timber and even cause irreparable damage in some cases.

You can lay pre-finished solid timber in a kitchen as long as you maintain strict upkeep. Clean any spilled liquids immediately to prevent avoid capping or staining. The advantage of pre-finished floorboards, however, is that a single board may be removed and replaced without the need to recoat the entire floor surface.

You can treat pre-finished solid timber similarly to hardwood flooring. Our pre-finished timber is the same as hardwood timber, except it is coated and sealed before delivery. The same rules and restrictions apply as hardwood flooring.

To maintain the beautiful and natural appearance of this solid timber, use a broom, vacuum, or damp mop regularly. Use blinds and rugs to protect against harsh sunlight and place felt pads under furniture to stop unsightly scratches.

Regular care and upkeep of a prefinished solid timber floor can extend its life well beyond other flooring types. Properly maintained flooring can stand the test of time, at least the life of your house.

There are two options for installing your new pre-finished solid timber. Because this type of timber flooring is finished before installation, you can follow the instruction guides on our site. With a little care, you can easily install your home's flooring. Your other option is to contact one of the 220 professional installers in Australia from our list.

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We deliver to all areas in Australia

We Deliver to All Areas in Australia

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