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Spotted gum is the strongest and most durable of all Australian hardwoods on the market. Recognised as a superior option for flooring, spotted gum is resistant to fire, moisture, and termites. Browse our selection of spotted gum flooring below, including versatile options like vinyl, hybrid, pre-finished solid timber, engineered timber, and laminate.

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Spotted gum is a native species that is found on the east coast of Australia. Spotted gum refers most specifically to four species of trees, with the scientific names of Corymbia maculata, Lemon-scented Gum, Corymbia citriodora, and Eucalyptus citriodora. It gets its name from the spots it develops as its bark sheds in strips. This popular Australian hardwood is highly regarded for its durability and resistance to fire. The beautiful and elegant colour variations of spotted gum timber work excellently for both commercial and residential use.

Spotted gum has gained popularity due to its incredible natural qualities. As the hardest Australian hardwood on the market, spotted gum boasts exceptional durability no matter what it is used for – flooring or otherwise. It has one of the highest Janka ratings of any hardwood, which measures resilience against denting and wear.

Along with natural durability, spotted gum flooring is resistant to termites. Typically, as it ages, spotted gum is a hardwood that becomes harder and more resistant to termite infestation. Spotted gum is also naturally resistant to fire. Many people install it in areas that commonly experience bushfires in Australia because it requires no additional fire treatment.

There are very few disadvantages to using spotted gum flooring, considering the ease with which it fits into most Australian homes.

The Online Flooring Store offers two great ways to install most of our spotted gum flooring. You can choose to make it a DIY project with the use of our handy installation guides at Many of the flooring brands we carry feature easy installation for beginners. However, our team can connect you with over 220 professional flooring layers all over Australia if you prefer the help of an expert.

Our team at the Online Flooring Store combines over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry. Our stores’ flooring brands represent the best of the best, including many selections with lovely spotted gum flooring designs. Discover a great spotted gum look for your home or business from one of the hybrid, vinyl, laminate, or engineered timber ranges at the Online Flooring Store.

We ship all over Australia from our showroom located in Burleigh Heads. We can bring our customers fantastic flooring selections anywhere in Australia thanks to our partnership with the fastest couriers. Couriers take flooring from Burleigh Heads to Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and more.

Style & Design

Spotted gum is considered hardwood timber with a spectacular Janka rating of 11.0. This rating indicates a superior level of durability and resistance to wear. This timber species is the hardest of all Australian hardwoods.

This timber species is known to showcase a diverse range of colour variations. Spotted gum timber ranges in colour from a deep red-brown or golden-brown in the heartwood to a subdued cream white in the sapwood. It is considered more muted in colour, but with regular grain patterns.

As an Australian native hardwood species, spotted gum is well-suited to the climate of Australia. Any Australian home will benefit from the incredibly strong makeup of spotted gum. Plus, spotted gum has excellent fire-resistant properties. It is a great choice if you live in an area accustomed to wildfires. The hard, strong quality of spotted gum flooring is ideal for areas of high traffic in the home, such as the living room and kitchen.

With its sophisticated look and interesting colour variation, spotted gum is a great design option for home interiors or business spaces. Designers seek out the muted, up-market brown colours of spotted gum flooring for their bedrooms, boardrooms, and more.

Spotted gum is a popular timber beyond the flooring industry. The heavy-duty characteristics of spotted gum timber make it the hardwood of choice for boat building, bridge construction, and other industrial uses.

Spotted gum flooring is a more muted choice compared to the busier appearance of blackbutt styles. It has a very regular cathedral grain pattern with infrequent areas of irregular or busy grain markings. Blackbutt is lighter in tone, with more knots and veins. If you are seeking flooring for your personal space, focus on your preference. Spotted gum and blackbutt flooring are similarly priced.

Spotted gum is a versatile option for flooring because it features a wide range of colour variations. Designs range from darker red-brown to rich golden brown to subdued pinkish cream. But the natural feel of spotted gum timber carries through no matter which type of flooring you choose. Spotted gum solid timber can also be stained or polished to highlight the grain details in unique ways.


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