Underfloor Heating

Enjoy a warm, inviting ambiance by walking in on a warm floor with underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating provides an energy-efficient heating solution that evenly spreads heat to eliminate cold spots and drafts, making them a perfect addition to a home with children and pets.

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Underfloor Heating Features

Warm Your Floor

Never wake up to a cold floor again.

Simple to Use

Control each area from it’s own digital thermostat with programmable heat to match your daily routine.

Energy Efficient

Program the floor to the times and temperature that suit you and have no wasted energy throughout your day.

Saves Space

Underfloor heating doesn't take up any space, giving you more room for furniture and other items.


Can be installed in any room, and with many different types of flooring.

Underfloor Heating FAQs


Unlike traditional heating systems where heat is generated by radiators or forced air, underfloor heating uses a heating system where the heat is generated from below the floor.

For example, our Livella On Slab Underfloor Heating Kit utilises an electric system of cables to heat up from below your floor with a controllable temperature. Underfloor heating kits like the Livella are meant to cover 100% available floor space, meaning they can also be placed on stairs and into showers.

Our underfloor heating range of products are energy-efficient and can be programmed to match your daily routine. This way, your energy is never wasted and can be utilised much more efficiently based on your lifestyle.

Underfloor heating is a worthy addition to any home or building as it provides several key benefits:
  • Improved energy efficiency: As the heat is distributed from below the floor, the heat is more evenly distributed throughout a room or building. This reduces the need for any additional heating sources and can lower costs.
  • Improved comfort: Underfloor heating provides an even distribution of heat through the floor, and this results in a more consistent and comfortable heat that can create a warm and cosy ambiance in the room.
  • More design flexibility: Underfloor heating systems only takes up space from under the floor, meaning you have much more open space for furniture and or other items, unlike traditional radiators or other heating systems.
  • Health benefits: These types of systems can also benefit your home from reduced dust circulation and dry air, both of which could potentially lead to respiratory problems.

Underfloor heating is cheaper than traditional heating systems, but it can also depend on the type of heating system you use, the size of the space you want to heat, insulation of the space and the area's climate.

In general though, underfloor heating is cheaper to run than regular systems and can be made even more affordable thanks to more efficient use of energy through programmable temperatures depending on any area's level of activity, resulting in lower energy bills.

Generally, underfloor heating can take a slightly longer time than other traditional heating systems to warm up. This is due to needing to heat up from below the floor, but other factors such as the size of the space, the temperature you want to reach as well as the insulation can play a role in how long it heats up a space.

Installation & Maintenance

The Livella underfloor heating does not require any maintenance and is a set and forget system.

There are no limitations with the placement of furniture on a floor heated with Livella under floor heating kits.

Because of the quick underfloor heating response times including short running cycles, Livella systems do not require any form of insulation under its cables.

If you choose to, you can keep underfloor heating on all day. Underfloor heating systems such as the Livella On Slab Underfloor Heating Kit have programmable thermostats that can control your underfloor heating system to set the temperature, making it so that you can control your desired heat and avoid wasting energy in your home. This makes it so that you can adjust the temperature according to the level of activity in your home, as well as the general climate.

The floor can get warm, but not hot. You can control the level of warmth directly with the system's thermostat to the level you want, but also consider the type of flooring you use.

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We deliver to all areas in Australia

We Deliver to All Areas in Australia

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