The timeless aesthetic of ready-to-go, porcelain tiles is at the touch of your fingertips with Antique Tides. This collection features an elongated subway style of tile. Each tile is 45x230 mm and made with artisanal precision and craftmanship. The triple firing glaze helps create the beautiful, rustic look and smooth surface of these tiles.

Antique Tides tiles are intended for use on both walls and floors. Either way, they have a unique, textured finish that differs from one tile to the next. These tiles also have an R10 slip rating, which makes them safe for floors. High stain and deep abrasion resistance offer you peace of mind that these tiles will keep their bold colour and style for years to come. They also do not absorb water, so you can confidently use them in bathrooms and laundries.

The refined simplicity of the Antique Tides collection is available in eight colours. There are basic styles, like black and white, for a modern, monochrome interior. But there are also rich hues, like blue, mud, and autumn. Choose the deep blue style to add a pop of colour to a bathroom or small interior, or the dark autumn style to give your entryway an elegant look.

Each of these tiles offers a soft and delicate addition to your interior spaces. The options are endless when it comes to applications. The Online Flooring Store team is excited to bring this classic yet timeless tile collection to our customers.