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Engineered timber flooring.
Tuesday, 07 June, 2022 / Published in Benefits
Use this guide to explore the advantages and disadvantages of floating floors, and to determine whether this is the right method for your home.
Plantation shutters are one of the most flexible window dressings on the market.
Monday, 23 May, 2022 / Published in Comparison Guides
Purchasing window shutters is a significant investment. Make the most of that investment by carefully considering the options and features available.
Artificial grass is better than grass because it's more practical and looks just as good as real grass.
Tuesday, 12 April, 2022 / Published in Comparison Guides
As artificial grass is becoming more popular than ever before, we have put together a guide covering its different elements and explaining what you should look for in artificial turf.
Click locking system not only quick to install but also offers the ability to lift and re-lay the boards.
Thursday, 07 April, 2022 / Published in Comparison Guides
The Click Flooring system is a straightforward installation method and is becoming more popular for DIY as less skill and equipment are needed to install the flooring.
Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are very durable building materials, provided they are well cared for.
Monday, 14 March, 2022 / Published in Comparison Guides
Although porcelain and ceramic tiles are indeed very similar, there are some subtle and important differences that tell them apart.
Read and follow guidelines to make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.
Monday, 28 February, 2022 / Published in Installation Guides
Are you the handyman type and want to install hybrid, timber or laminate flooring in your home or business? This guide outlines the various steps necessary to install each flooring type from start to finish.
Solid Oak hardwood flooring installation.
Wednesday, 09 February, 2022 / Published in Comparison Guides
When it is time to decide which underlay is best for your floating floor, you have three main options: open and closed cell foams, and rubber underlays. This blog aims to help you make a sensible decision that will give your project a satisfying result.
Couple renovating their home.
Monday, 10 January, 2022 / Published in Design & Décor
Many people jump into floor renovating head first and don’t even think of what could go wrong. Knowing what to look out for will help you plan accordingly. Here are our top flooring renovation mistakes.
Living room with cream interior.
Wednesday, 01 December, 2021 / Published in Trends
Stain-free carpet sounds too good to be true - does such a thing exist, and can it stand up to the trials of family life? If you’re thinking about buying one, this post is for you.
Hybrid Flooring
Wednesday, 10 November, 2021 / Published in Comparison Guides
What is the difference between an aerated core and a solid core hybrid? In this blog, we will try to make sense of the difference between these two categories, how the layperson can tell them apart, and make an informed decision on which best suits their needs.


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