Raquel Billett

Our newest member to the Online Flooring Team, Raquel Billett, loves anything and everything that has to do with interior design. Part of our trusty husband and wife duo, Raquel works with Dean to manage the Burleigh Heads branch of the Online Flooring Store. You can find them at the helm of our brick-and-mortar retail store.

Raquel's Experience & Expertise

Raquel's background is originally in retail and hospitality management, which makes her well-suited to complicated demands of traditional and online retail. She works hard every day to ensure customers to the Online Flooring Store leave having had the best possible experience. Remember to always treat Raquel nice - she's the person behind the scenes working to get your orders to your door without issues and in less than no time from the time your order.

Our team at the Online Flooring Store only stays so well-organised thanks to the efforts of Raquel, who is a true organisational queen. She holds up a good half of our presence on social media, and most likely will be the person on the other end when you contact us via phone, email or live chat. When she's not worrying about new status updates or shipment confirmations, you can find Raquel learning and writing more about interior design.