When Kinesiologist and Acutonics practitioner Rebecca Dini was ready for new flooring, she knew the look she wanted would speak to her love of nature. Rebecca also knew it had to be tough enough to stand up to whatever her family dished out.

Enjoy these excerpts from our interview with Rebecca and learn why she is so pleased with her Stone-tek 9.77mm Commercial Hybrid Flooring in New England Blackbutt and how it has made a change in her home.

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Tell Us a Bit About Yourself, What You Enjoy, and Who Shares Your Home

Hi, I’m Bec,

I am a Kinesiologist and Acutonics practitioner.

I love spending time in nature with my family and gathering with friends. Also, I enjoy good food and coffee. I do like nice things and good before and after reno. We are a family of five, including our cat.


When Did You Get Your Home, and Why Did You Decide to Redo the Flooring?

We bought our home in 2014, and it needed some love.

We waited quite a while before doing the floors because we wanted to change the kitchen’s layout. We had a mix of terracotta tiles and carpet and, at one stage, painted concrete. So, we were delighted to be rid of those elements.

The new flooring made a massive impact on the feel of our home. Having only a timber look made it feel larger and homey, plus it ticked all the boxes. With kids running in and out all day, wet from the pool, playing, scooting, and bouncing balls, we wanted something that would handle all the above activities and still look new and easy to maintain. Our floors look clean even when they are not.

Entryway decor.Plants and books on hallway console.


Entryway decor.

Rebecca Dini interview.Books and plant on hallway console.


Describe Your Home Aesthetic and Style

I find it hard to label my style. I just choose the things we love and make us happy. I like nature, earthy tones, and love texture. I also like to keep things neutral with points of interest.

I want our home to feel light and inviting and a space people feel comfortable. The flooring helps with the comfort level. Because it is easy to care for, guests don’t need to worry about tracking in dirt or spilling a drink.

Dean Billett

Expert Insights From Dean Billett

28+ Years of flooring industry experience

Eclipse Stone-Tek Hybrid Flooring is a big seller nationally for a good reason. Everything from the wear layer to the underlay is a thick and premium material. If I were to name one outstanding feature of this product, it would be digital printing, embossing and realism. Compared to all other Hybrids in the market, this product is exceptional.

What’s Your Favourite (and Less Favourite) Home Activity?

My favourite activity would be tending my veggie garden because I am outdoors in nature and avoiding my least favourite chores like cleaning the shower.


What’s Something in Your House You Could Not Live Without?

When it comes to something I couldn’t live without, it’s the washing machine and dishwasher.


What is Your Favourite Space in Your House and Why?

On the kitchen island, everyone seems to gravitate to that area, probably because they get fed. We have lots of great moments, gatherings and play games with the kids in that space. This makes me even happier with our flooring. I never need to stress about food and drinks spilled or wet kids coming from the pool for snacks. These floors are great for handling all this commotion.

Kitchen and dining area.

Kitchen island stools.Tray of oranges on the kitchen island.


Jars and bowl, earth tones.


What Are Your Top Three Tips for Someone Just Getting Started on a Reno?

  • My first tip would be to have a Pinterest board and pin all the images you like. You will soon see your theme and what you like.
  • The second tip would be to think about the order in which things should happen so you don’t do things twice.
  • Third, think about how you live and what is practical. For example, I have children and a pool. I needed flooring that would stand up to a good bit of water being tracked into the house. If you do that first, you can then make it beautiful and enjoy the process.

View of outdoor pool area from the kitchen.

Outdoor pool deck shade.Candles on the dining table with Monstera plant seen on the background.


What is Your Favourite Family Activity?

My favourite family activities are being in nature together and doing things like walking on the beach and the forest. Being together in nature is the best place to disconnect from all the other distractions and connect as a family. I also enjoy eating out, so I don’t have to cook.


Raquel Billett

Raquel loves anything and everything that has to do with interior design. Part of our trusty husband and wife duo, Raquel works with Dean to manage the Burleigh Heads branch of the Online Flooring Store.