Are you interested in laminate flooring but hesitant because you have heard it is susceptible to water damage? Then Signature Floor’s AquaPlank Laminate Flooring might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our selection of AquaPlank laminate flooring features unique characteristics that guard against sun or water damage (unlike traditional laminate flooring or real timber). Forget having to worry about high replacement costs, spills, or damage and consider AquaPlank instead.

This next-generation laminate boasts a strong resistance to water along with the aesthetic appeal of real timber without the drawbacks.

AquaPlank Laminate Floors From Signature Floors

Took a dip in the pool? Head on inside without fear of dripping on your floors. Getting the kids out of the bathtub? No worries! Getting back from the beach? Come on in! AquaPlank laminate floors are designed to withstand both the harsh Australian climate and the great Australian lifestyle.

AquaPlank is the ultimate in water-resistant, stress-free flooring, meaning you can relax knowing your floor will not fail, buckle, shrink, or warp.

Benefits of AquaPlank laminate floors include:

  • Shrink resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Wide selection of colours and styles to choose from
  • Resistant to dents, scratches, burns, and stains
  • Warp resistant
  • Exceptionally durable

The Technology Behind AquaPlank’s Water Resistance

AquaPlank’s durability and water-resistant properties are a result of 4 Key Features.


1. Atroguard™ Water Resist Technology

One of the biggest contributing factors to AquaPlank’s durability is its Revolutionary Atroguard™ Water Resist Technology. This feature functions to ensure any spills cannot permeate for up to 72 hours, keeping your floors protected and warp-free.


2. SureCore™

The advanced manufacturing behind AquaPlank’s SureCore™ results in a finished product that boasts 60% greater stability than typical laminate floors. This ensures that your floors will not shrink, warp, or lift — even when facing Australia’s toughest conditions.

This laminate flooring is suitable for the harsh Australian climate

This laminate flooring is suitable for the harsh Australian climate.


3. 2 Pass Power-Seal™

AquaPlank features a 2 Pass Power-Seal™ applied to all plank edging, resulting in a watertight seal. This makes AquaPlank an ideal option for family rooms, laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms.


4. Atroguard™ Heavy Commercial Grade Surface Protection

AquaPlank laminate flooring is coated with a commercial grade protectant that further enhances the durability of this revolutionary product. In the event of a mistake — which we all know is bound to happen — AquaPlank flooring offers superior resistance against burns, indents, stains, and scratches.


Additional Benefits of AquaPlank Laminate Flooring

Along with superior durability, water-resistance, and stability against Australia’s harsh environment, AquaPlank offers even more benefits:


Low-Fuss, Easy Care

AquaPlank requires minimal maintenance. These easy-clean floors require almost no care to keep them shining and beautiful.

First, be sure to always wipe up any spills immediately. While AquaPlank is water-resistant up to 72 hours following a spill, it is still important to wipe up any standing water as soon as possible.

Second — unlike real timber — AquaPlank floors can be wet mopped to help keep them sparkling and new. Regular sweeping and vacuuming are also excellent ways to maintain your floor’s appeal.


Easy Installation

The Tight Lock installation method firmly secures each plank in position and allows for fast, easy installation.

The stable core technology allows it to be installed in areas up to 400m2, no transition strips required.


Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

AquaPlank utilises EIR (Embossed in Register), a feature designed to raise the surface to provide the textural interest seen naturally in real timber. This unique feature echoes the grain pattern of natural wood and truly brings AquaPlank designs to life.

Quite simply, the precision shaping of AquaPlank results in a more realistic, aesthetically pleasing floor.


UV Cured Coating for Enhanced Durability

AquaPlank® features an extra hard-wearing clear, enhanced UV cured coating which is scratch, stain and burn resistant.


AquaPlank Includes a Lifetime Residential Warranty

You can rest easy knowing your AquaPlank laminate flooring is backed by a lifetime residential warranty.


Which Areas or Rooms Are Best for AquaPlank Laminate Floors?

Let’s take a look at the ideal areas to install AquaPlank laminate floors. With a host of impressive, revolutionary features, it makes the perfect addition to a variety of settings including:

  • Laundries
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Second Storey Rooms
  • Commercial Spaces
  • High-Rise Dwellings
  • Living rooms or other areas with a lot of windows or natural light
  • Over radiant heating systes

Here, we’ll explain the details behind AquaPlank’s ability to function beautifully in a variety of settings.

Since all products in the AquaPlank collection utilise groundbreaking Atroguard Water Resist Technology that allows them to stay water-resistant for up to 72 hours, AquaPlank floors are well-suited for rooms you wouldn’t ordinarily install laminate.

This means that rooms at a high risk of moisture or spills — laundries, bathrooms, kitchens — are still suitable for AquaPlank.

AquaPlank Mornington is suitable for bathrooms

AquaPlank is water resistant for 72 hours (and therefore suitable for bathrooms).