The Australian bush contains a breathtaking array of unique, versatile timber species. Here, we’ll take a look at six of our favourites that are commonly used in Australian hardwood flooring (both in Australia and internationally).


Australian Blackbutt Quick Facts

  • Botanical Name – Eucalyptus pilularis
  • Janka Hardness – 9.1 (The Janka Hardness scale is an industry based test that ensures durability. Basically, the higher the number, the stronger the flooring.
  • Colour Range – Blonde
  • Grows up to 50 metres tall
  • Dark, glossy green leaves and seasonal white flowers
  • Food source for koala bears
  • Relatively quick growing
  • One of Australia’s most important hardwoods

Native to Southeastern Australia, Blackbutt is a lighter timber shade, contrary to its name. Rather, it is named after the very base of its bark, which is a deep black shade.

With a range of colours from pale brown to cream and a cathedral grain pattern, this stunning timber variety is beloved by designers as well as builders. Its interlocking yet mostly straight grain gives it a moderately coarse, uniform texture.

Although a lighter shade, it still brings forth warmth to a room, creating a cosy feel. With a 9.1 ranking on the Janka Scale, this highly versatile timber is ideal for high traffic areas.

Blackbutt flooring is visually stunning in basically any room. We particularly love it in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.



Australian Brush Box Quick Facts

  • Botanical Name – Lophostemon confertus
  • Janka Hardness – 9.5
  • Colour Range – Light brown
  • High resistance to fire, disease, drought, and pests (especially termites)
  • Grows up to 40 metres tall
  • Also known as pink box, vinegartree, box scrub, Brisbane box, or Queensland box

This relatively common, native evergreen can be found throughout eastern Australia, coastal Queensland, and as far as northeastern New South Wales. It is widely popular throughout Australia and internationally.

It is especially common in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth since it tolerates pruning well and does not drop branches as often as typical city trees such as eucalyptus.

Brush Box is an ideal option if you prefer flooring with lighter brown tones since it features a nice range of light brown shades. Occasionally, slight pink or darker brown variations occur, lending it subtle variations in hue that add visual interest.

Its lack of gum veins gives it an unblemished, stunning appearance.

With an average rating of 9.5 on the Janka hardness scale, Brushbox is ultra-durable and makes an ideal addition to high traffic areas.



Australian Jarrah Quick Facts

  • Botanical Name – Eucalyptus marinata
  • Janka Hardness: 8.5 kN
  • Grows up to 40 metres tall
  • Particularly important home for bees
  • Stringy bark that sheds vertically in long strips
  • Highly resistant to fire damage and termites

Jarrah is a popular Australian hardwood well-known for its rich reddish colours. Commonly grown in southwestern Australia, it is highly sought after due to its lovely colouring, interesting fibre patterns, and resiliency.

Its durability actually makes it somewhat difficult to work with once it has been seasoned, meaning the majority of woodworkers prefer to work with it before it dries and hardens. This durability lends itself nicely to areas that see a good deal of wear and tear.

Its rich red colour adds depth, warmth, and a dose of class to any space.


Spotted Gum

Australian Spotted Gum Quick Facts

  • Botanical Name – Eucalyptus maculata
  • Janka Hardness: 11 kN
  • Grows up to 45 metres tall (and up to 90 metres in extremely rare cases)
  • Flowering tree (particularly attractive to honeyeaters, a common Australian bird)
  • Excellent resistance to termites
  • Commonly found growing in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria

Hurford Flooring HM Walk Engineered Timber Spotted Gum

Unlike the previous species mentioned, Spotted Gum wood features a variety of dark brown highlights, giving it a lovely contrast and depth.

As one of the most common Australian hardwoods, it is highly recognised and valued. It occurs in a broad range of colours from maroons to straw to light brown tones.

Because of its unique colour variations, versatility, and intriguing fibre patterns, Spotted Gum is popular for use in both exterior and interior projects.

As suggested by its name, it offers a wide variety of patterned wood features that add ample visual interest to a home. Ranking at 11 on the Janka scale, it is especially durable and ideal for high traffic areas.

With tones ranging from soft cream to pale, greyish browns to soft to a luxurious, rich chocolate brown, Spotted Gum flooring fits in well with almost any colour palette. Its warm, welcoming brown tones make it an attractive decor choice for any home.


Sydney Blue Gum

Australian Sydney Blue Gum Quick Facts

  • Botanical name – Eucalyptus saligna
  • Janka Hardness: 9 kN
  • Grows as tall as 65 metres high
  • Its seeds are an absolute delicacy to birds
  • Blooms December through February

Sydney Blue Gum is a large, flowering hardwood commonly found growing in New South Wales and Queensland. Straight-trunked with either smooth grey or white bark above a rougher-barked brownish base, this relatively hard timber is dense and durable.

With straight, interlocking grain and a rich honey hue, it is a favourite of many builders and designers. It features lovely variations of soft pinks and reddish browns.

Sydney Blue Gum flooring is absolutely stunning when used in areas with ample natural light such as living rooms.


Tasmanian Oak

Australian Tasmanian Oak Quick Facts

  • Botanical Name – (Eucalyptus delegatensis / Eucalyptus regnans / Eucalyptus obliqua)
  • Janka Hardness: 5.5 kN
  • Colour Range – Straw to reddish-brown

NFD Kimberley Hybrid Flooring Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Timber — also known as “Tassie Oak” or Tasmanian Oak — is typically a combination of three specific species of tree commonly found in Tasmania. While these three species share similarities, there is also a range of variation among the three.

These species can also be found in New South Wales, Victoria, and more mountainous regions with well-drained soil and cool climates.

Tasmanian Oak has its own unique aura and adds a feeling of lightness and warmth to any room. Paired with a clean interior, it creates a simplistic, modern, cosy feeling. Tasmanian Oak varies from straw to reddish-brown to pale cream and even hints of pink.

While it is one of the softer Australian timber species, it is known for being easy to work with. It averages a 5.5 on the Janka hardness scale, but this can vary greatly depending on the ratio of the three species the flooring is composed of.

Because it is quarter split, its grain is straight and uniform. Since each blend of the three species is unique, Tasmanian timber features texture and colour variations that add striking visual interest.

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Australian Timber Without the Cost

While all of these Australian timber species are downright stunning when manufactured into hardwood floors, we understand that the care and cost of hardwood are not a possibility for everyone.

Fortunately, groundbreaking technology has brought forth the beauty of real timber without the hassle. Flooring varieties such as vinyl, hybrid, engineered timber, and laminate can offer the aesthetic appeal of timber without the price tag and limitations.


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