When it comes to design and decor inspiration, images of furniture, accent pillows, and colour palettes pop into mind, but don’t forget about house plants!

Whether in your home or at the office, don’t underestimate the importance of having plants as part of your indoor surroundings.

8 Reasons To Decorate With Plants

They have a way of bringing any space to life and making it feel bright and lively. Since they are alive themselves, plants have a way of making a home feel lived-in and loved.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the top eight reasons to include plants as part of your design plan.


1. Budget-Friendly

Whether you are going all-out with your design budget or keeping it minimal, plants can play a beautiful, affordable role in your decor.


2. Add Interest To Any Room

Plants can soften angular lines, add height, increase interest, and add architectural elements to any room. Great spots to place plants include next to televisions, bench seats, sideboards, corners, or any hard edges and lines. Plants offer a natural softness that helps soften hard or angular shapes.

Plants can be especially beautiful when placed in bathrooms to help offset the otherwise hard-surfaced, somewhat bland space.

In bathrooms, carefully placed plants can liven up the dull, hard surfaces.

In bathrooms, carefully placed plants can liven up the dull, hard surfaces.


Plants are also excellent for adding height to a table, camouflaging an unattractive feature in a room, or accenting a stack of books.

Remember to carefully choose a lovely container to finish the plant’s overall look. Terracotta pots have great drainage and can be added to larger containers. Stones and moss can be added to the dirt to help facilitate drainage.


3. Can Purify The Air

Along with their aesthetic value, plants have been proven to improve indoor air quality by reducing toxins in the air.


4. Can Support Health

Plants offer various health benefits such as the ability to:

  • Make it easier to focus
  • Encourage deeper sleep
  • Raise relative humidity levels
  • Lower stress levels
  • Promote recovery after a procedure
  • Support better emotional and mental health


5. Can Do Double-Duty

How about a decoration that you can eat? Welcome to the wonders of herbs! Although they are not technically a true houseplant, they offer the same greenery and aesthetic appeal, along with the added advantage of being edible.

Indoor herbs not only bring fresh colour to your kitchen, but you'll be able to enjoy fresh ingredients in your recipes.

Indoor herbs not only bring fresh colour to your kitchen, but you’ll be able to enjoy quality ingredients in your recipes.


Aloe plants are also notorious for their abilities to naturally soothe sunburns and lavender offers calming benefits.


6. Bring the Outdoors In

Tending to a living thing inside your home helps get you in touch with nature. What better way to do that than with a lovely houseplant?


7. Complement Any Decor

What is your design style? Traditional? Eclectic? Bohemian? Coastal? Rustic? It doesn’t matter when it comes to indoor plants!

Plants are particularly great at complementing any design style and acting as a neutral accent.

The same goes for your colour scheme. Greenery from plants has a way of adding interest and beauty without conflicting with other colours. Although they are green, plants take on a more neutral vibe when it comes to colour palettes.

If you tend to shy away from bold colour palettes, plants are a simple way to ease into injecting some colour into your room without being overwhelming.


8. Fill Dead Space

Got an empty corner that you aren’t sure what to do with? Try a large plant! This easy, effective remedy is great for filling dead space and adding interest to awkward empty spots in your home or office without looking cluttered.

When you are faced with a large wall and aren’t sure how to fill it, it is important to choose proportional pieces that will not be overwhelmed. If you fall in love with a certain piece such as a table or bench and it doesn’t do the space justice, try adding a plant on each end.


Five Easy Ideas for Decorating With Plants

We’ve compiled five of our favourite tips for decorating with plants to hopefully inspire you.


1. Floor Plants

As mentioned above, plants are excellent at filling empty spaces in an interesting way. Floor plants are an especially great solution for empty corners or spaces that just don’t feel complete.

In a space with loft or cathedral ceilings, consider taller plants. On the other hand, smaller apartments may do best with plants that sit lower to the ground as to not overwhelm the space.


2. Use a Benchtop or Windowsill

Windowsills and benchtops are a simple yet stunning way to display plants. If you have a surface without much interest going on, try adding several plants on top of it as a beautiful display.

Plants can improve plain surfaces such as windowsills.

Plants, particularly in interesting or unique pots, can easily improve plain surfaces such as windowsills.


3. Use Cut Blooms

Although they do not last as long as an actual houseplant, cut blooms can be perfect for adding life to your space in a hurry, especially if you do not consider yourself a green thumb.

Cut blooms are also an excellent way to quickly change up the entire vibe of a room without much effort or expense. While replacing cut blooms often can add up, choosing special occasions to feature cut blooms can be a great option for individuals who do not wish to own actual houseplants.


4. Go Low Maintenance

If you have had bad luck with plants in the past, consider starting with low maintenance types that are known for being easy to care for. What are the easiest plants to care for you ask? Try a cactus or succulent. These desert plants are well-suited to a variety of environments and are known for their strength and longevity.

A bit of sunlight and water is typically all it takes to keep these varieties happy. They can be a great way to gain confidence if you are hesitant to introduce plants into your home.

If you are a beginner or simply looking to increase your knowledge, check out this helpful article on everything you need to know about indoor plants.


5. Choose Lovely Pots

The type of pot or container you use can completely change the look of your plant.

  • White pots are stunning, match any colour scheme, and pop against the green of the plant.
  • Geometric pots are great as a centerpiece on a dining room table or an accent on an office desk.
  • Macrame plant hangers add an unexpected, unique layer to any decor.
  • You can even create your own DIY pots and plant stands.

Try using a variety of pots to add interest or clump a bunch of pots in the same colour scheme together in one area. Play around with different groups, types of pots, and colurs until you find the unique mix you love.


Find Out More About Plants and Decor

Do you use indoor plants as part of your home decor? Let us know your favourites and how you incorporate them.

We always love hearing from you and, even more, we love hearing your questions! Whether it is design related or flooring related, our team of experts is here to help from start to finish on your project.


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