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Laminate flooring offers a unique layered solution for many different rooms in your home or business. Most laminate brands feature four layers that come together into a beautiful, cohesive whole. The top layer gives your flooring a level of durability to daily wear and tear. The core and backing layers provide stability and added durability for years of enjoyment. Online Flooring Store team also looks for laminate brands with the most realistic decorative layers.


The laminate brands offered at Online Flooring Store provide a cheaper flooring solution than hardwood or hybrid flooring. Laminate flooring planks are designed to look and feel similar to solid timber but are easier to install and can be used in more spaces. They are still a great investment for the interior of your home but have different maintenance requirements compared to timber or vinyl flooring.

Laminate is synthetic, as opposed to timber flooring. It can be designed to look like authentic hardwood or even stone. And incredible embossing technology allows manufacturers to even replicate the true texture of hardwood or stone materials.


We stock a huge range, all at Australia's best prices. Shop our brands below.


This stylish laminate collection adds Australian-inspired luxury to your home or business. With 8mm thickness and square edges, these planks are an effortless complement to any space. Each of the 6 styles features recognizable Australian timber species.


Designed in large format longboards, Airstep Eucalyptus Steps XL laminate flooring adds a true 'wow' factor to any home or business. This range boasts a 25 year domestic warranty, 10 year commercial warranty, resistance to fading, staining, and wear, and easy installation.


Crafted with an eye for detail, this laminate collection features extra-wide, extra-long planks to quickly and easily fill even large spaces. Constructed with AC4-rated surface coating, each 8mm thick plank is a great investment for your home or business due to its durability.


Signature Floors AquaPlanks are thoughtfully designed with both appearance and durability in mind. Featuring a plastic-free, high-density, ultra-stable SureCore™ base and a clear UV cured finish, these planks are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable.



The laminate brands offered at Online Flooring Store provide a cheaper flooring solution than hardwood or hybrid flooring. Laminate flooring planks are designed to look and feel similar to solid timber but are easier to install and can be used in more spaces.

Laminate is great for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more! We simply recommend having a dry, flat subfloor to lay your new laminate over. Make sure to check the moisture rating and follow specific guidelines to protect laminate flooring in certain damp environments.

This is a highly durable flooring option and makes a good choice for a pet-friendly home. Our laminate brands our designed to hold up against scratches and scuffs. Our team does think it’s a good idea to trim your animal’s nails as additional protection.

We suggest you take into consideration the needs of your home or business. Laminate flooring is a less expensive option than other flooring solutions, but may not have the required durability or benefits as timber or vinyl flooring. Pay attention to the AC, or abrasion criteria, ratings to determine the best wear resistance. Premium products will have a higher AC rating and will be more durable to scratching.

Online Flooring Store provides two ways to install your new laminate floors. We can get you in touch with a tradesman or answer questions about DIY installation. We have a directory of 200 qualified professionals based all over Australia. If you feel confident, however, we can provide you with our handy DIY installation guide for laminate floors. You can easily make it a fun project to do with some friends in a short amount of time. Either way, your laminate floors will be a lovely addition to your home.

After spending over 30 years in the flooring industry, our team has picked up a thing or two. Our prices are the best anywhere in Australia and are matched by one of the best selections of high-quality flooring brands in Australia. If you see a better price elsewhere, contact us and we'll try to match it.

Our team is always actively seeking out new laminate brands to bring under our umbrella. Check back often to see what new and exciting brands we have to add something fresh to your home or business.

We can ship products anywhere in Australia. To make the process even quicker, Online Flooring Store has partnered with the fastest couriers to bring the best laminate brands straight to you. We guarantee prompt deliveries to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and anywhere in between.

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