Looking for flooring that combines the look and feel of solid timber with the best technical aspects of luxury vinyl planks? Look no further than hybrid flooring!

This cutting-edge flooring lets you enjoy the appearance of natural timber without the cost and maintenance.

What Is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid flooring, sometimes called the future of flooring, combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl to create a durable, rigid flooring that is as functional as it is beautiful. Made from multiple layers pressed together, the result is an extremely long-lasting, hardwearing, visually stunning floor.


What Are the Layers in Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid flooring consists of several layers:

  • Attached Cork Backing – Some designs include a pre-adhered acoustic backing to deliver exceptional acoustics and comfort underfoot (it also serves to decrease installation costs)
  • Rigid Inner Core – A cutting-edge layer featuring a limestone composite core board that is designed to be waterproof and stable against extreme temperature changes
  • Design Layer – A decorative layer designed to match the realistic textures and styles of authentic timber
  • Wear Layer – A UV coated layer to provide durability and resiliency


9 Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

Along with its beautiful appearance, hybrid flooring offers a host of benefits:


1. Waterproof

One of hybrid flooring’s top advantages is its waterproof nature. In fact, you could immerse a plank of hybrid flooring in water for a week or more without the risk of it swelling. With a quick wipe down, it would be unaffected!

This feature makes it particularly well suited for rooms subjected to high levels of moisture or high chances of spills such as laundries, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and entryways. It is also excellent for commercial applications or areas of your home that experience high traffic.


Hybrid planks are ideal for rooms with a lot of moisture (such as bathrooms and laundries)

Hybrid planks are ideal for rooms with a lot of moisture (such as bathrooms and laundries).


2. DIY-Friendly Installation

With its user-friendly tongue and groove technology, hybrid flooring is suitable for DIY installation and requires minimal equipment.


3. Durability

Do you have kids or require pet friendly flooring? Then you know exactly how important durable flooring is. With its rigid core technology, hybrid floors are manufactured to be resistant to UV light, stains, dents, and scratches, making them an ideal option for busy households or businesses.


4. Well-Suited for the Weather Extremes of Australia

Hybrid flooring’s multi-layered construction makes it well suited to Australia’s harsh sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Whereas some flooring types are at risk of shrinking or expanding under these settings, hybrid flooring is designed to maintain its integrity despite these conditions.


5. Sound

While some floors generate a hollow sound when walked on, hybrid flooring’s rigid core technology helps produce a solid step with less sound. Adding an acoustic underlayment makes steps even lighter.


6. Aesthetic Appeal

Using special technology to mimic the edges, variations, and textures found in solid timber, hybrid flooring delivers a stunning appearance similar to traditional hardwood.


Hybrid flooring mimics the look and feel of real timber

Hybrid flooring mimics the look and feel of real timber.


7. Eco-Friendly Composition

With a core consisting of limestone, virgin PVC, bamboo dust, and recycled wood, hybrid flooring is considered to be one of the best flooring choices in terms of how eco-friendly it is.


8. Easy Care and Cleaning

No need for special cleaning products, waxes, polishes, or equipment — a damp mop is about as fancy as you need to get in order to maintain sparkling, beautiful floors. Paired with regular sweeping and vacuuming and spot-cleaning as necessary, hybrid flooring can stay beautiful for years and years to come.


9. Comfort

Its thick rigid core construction provides a dense, comfortable walking surface. Choosing a floor with an attached underlayment or adding an underlayment will offer further cushioning.


What Rooms Are Best For Hybrid Flooring?

While hybrid floors can make a beautiful addition to any room in your home or business, some rooms are particularly well suited to hybrid flooring.

Any room at risk of unexpected spills, high levels of sun exposure, high traffic, or high levels of moisture will benefit from the resistant aspects of hybrid flooring.

Because of its durability and waterproof nature, hybrid flooring is especially great in these rooms:

  • Bathrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Laundries
  • Kitchens
  • Entryways
  • Commercial applications
  • Rooms with excessive sunlight exposure (i.e. a as living room with huge windows)
  • Areas with heavy foot traffic


Well trafficked areas, such as living rooms, benefit from this type of durable flooring

Well trafficked areas, such as living rooms, benefit from this type of durable flooring.


What Is the Difference Between Hybrid Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Planks?

While both are waterproof and easy to care for, some of the key differences between traditional luxury vinyl planks and hybrid flooring include:

  • Construction – When it comes to traditional luxury vinyl planks and hybrid flooring, the main feature that sets them apart is the construction. Hybrid flooring features two main construction aspects while luxury vinyl planks typically feature one.Hybrid flooring’s rigid floor construction offers increased resistance and stability. Luxury vinyl floors have a more flexible construction that makes them softer than hybrid vinyl. Traditional luxury vinyl floors also have a topcoat that is less resistant to UV rays and dents.
  • Plank Thickness – Hybrid flooring is generally thicker than luxury vinyl planks, making it more comfortable to walk on as well as more durable.
  • Subfloor – Both traditional luxury vinyl planks and hybrid floors can be installed over existing floors, cement, or plywood. However, when it comes to subfloor imperfections, luxury vinyl planks will not be as forgiving.Due to its softer nature, luxury vinyl planks are at risk of taking on the shape of any protrusions or dents. The specialized core and increased thickness of hybrid flooring allows it to hold its maintain its integrity better despite small imperfections that may be present in the subfloor.
  • Installation – Traditional luxury vinyl planks use click lock, loose lay, or glue-down installation techniques. Hybrid vinyl flooring features a floating click lock tongue and groove system, making it ideal for home or business owners interested in DIY installation.
  • Dent Resistance – Traditional luxury vinyl planks are somewhat soft and pliable, putting them at risk of dents from objects like heavy furniture. Hybrid vinyl floors are more resistant to dents, scratches, and general wear and tear.
  • Price – Due to engineering differences, hybrid flooring is more expensive compared to luxury vinyl planks


Hybrid Flooring FAQs

Q: Can I sand and recoat my Hybrid flooring?

A: Although hybrid flooring is designed to look just like solid timber, it is an imitation product and cannot be sanded and coated.

Q: How durable is hybrid flooring?

A: With its superior wear qualities, hybrid flooring can remain beautiful in both residential and commercial applications for a great deal of time, especially when looked after properly.

Q: Will my Hybrid floor scratch?

A: Yes, any type of flooring can be damaged, including hybrid flooring. Although it is exceptionally hard-wearing, durable, and resilient, it is still important to take proper precautions to protect your hybrid flooring against dents and scratches.

Q: Can I direct stick my Hybrid flooring?

A: No. Hybrid flooring is designed to be installed using a floating system.

If there are any questions about hybrid flooring we did not cover, please contact us and we’d be glad to help.


Purchase High-Quality Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring offers the stunning look of real timber without the cost and commitment. If you would like to learn more about this next generation flooring and see if it would be a good fit for your home or business, read our reviews and please reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable team — it would be an honour to help with your project or just to guide you in the right direction.

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