Whether you are selecting floors for a multi-story home, a corporate setting, a hotel, or an office, it is important to consider all aspects of the flooring. While many people focus solely on the floor’s appearance and basic qualities, it is also worth paying attention to the acoustic performance of the flooring you are considering.

Along with being virtually waterproof, durable, low-maintenance, and soft underfoot, some vinyl planks offer a less-known benefit: peace and quiet! Acoustically-friendly floors grant a more peaceful experience for a variety of situations and settings.

Our Soundless Acoustic Vinyl Planks have been specifically designed to provide a quieter environment for your home or workplace.

Installation of our Soundless Acoustic Vinyl Planks can significantly minimise noise transmission between areas, making these planks an ideal option for a variety of settings.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 settings that could greatly benefit from soundless acoustic vinyl planks.

1. Offices and Businesses

Have you ever walked into a business set in a large room with tile floors where you could hear every footstep and voice echo? Along with being unforgiving on feet, tile floors bounce sound waves and can lead to that echoing sensation. Soundless acoustic vinyl planks help absorb sound and create a more inviting, peaceful business atmosphere.

Acoustic flooring is fantastic for offices

Soundless acoustic vinyl planks are ideal for busy offices.


In office settings, soundless acoustic vinyl planks minimise sound transfer, allowing employees to focus more intently on the work at hand.


2. Multi-Story Homes

Whether you are remodelling or building a new home, most people desire an inviting, functional, and quiet environment.

Footsteps overheard at night when you are trying to sleep, music thumping through the ceiling, or hearing someone cough even though they are upstairs are all signs that your home’s flooring needs an acoustic upgrade.

While the flooring on the first level is also important, the second level is of the greatest importance in terms of choosing an acoustic-friendly option.

Soundless vinyl acoustic planks can help decrease the chance of hearing every single footstep, cough, or sneeze that happens on the floor above you. This is especially nice if you have family members on differing schedules.

Imagine getting ready for work without tiptoeing around, scared to wake anyone up. Better yet, imagine getting to sleep soundly without worrying about an early bird disturbing your sleep.


3. Libraries

It goes without saying that libraries are expected to be quiet! Picture an expansive library outfitted entirely with tile floors. What a cold, loud atmosphere that would be!

While carpet offers the cozy, sound absorbing experience many libraries aim to offer, it has its pitfalls. For example, individuals entering the library on a rainy day bring muddy, wet shoes and boots that soak into the carpet.

With vinyl planks, water is no issue. Clean up is simple and yet the floors still create a cozy feel along with offering sound minimising qualities.


4. Apartments

Is there anything worse than being stuck below loud upstairs neighbours (or family members)? With how noisy lower levels apartments can be, sometimes you’d swear those upstairs are bowling or jumping off furniture.

Our Soundless acoustic vinyl planks are ideal for apartments

Our Soundless acoustic vinyl planks are ideal for apartments.


Fortunately, the proper flooring choice can help minimise sound transfer and lead to an improved experience for all tenants involved.


5. Recording Studios

For recording studios, hard flooring is the gold standard. Carpet causes problems since it wears out quickly due to heavy foot traffic and absorbs high frequencies, thereby negatively affecting sound production and quality.

With hard flooring, the acoustic potential is maximised and durability is improved. Better yet, soundless vinyl planks limit sounds from footfall and echoing.


6. Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities

Hospitals and aged care facilities can be noisy. From beeping machines to patient interactions to staff discussions, these settings can be places of significant unrest.

Research suggests that noise disturbances can interfere with patient sleep quality and recovery, raise anxiety, and even spike blood pressure. Given these effects, it is essential to incorporate acoustic-friendly flooring in such settings.

Acoustic Soundless Vinyl Planks can provide a noticeable reduction in sound transmission, resulting in a more healing, comfortable environment for patients and staff alike.


7. Schools

Loud, echoing footsteps and voices in a school? Not a good mix. To learn, students need a safe, quiet atmosphere.

Soundless acoustic vinyl planks can stand up to the spills and heavy use that school floors experience while still being comfortable, functional, and sound absorbent.


Final Thoughts

The right flooring choice can have a major impact on the overall function and atmosphere of your setting. With their high durability, pleasing aesthetic appeal (available in 12 colour options), water-resistant qualities, and acoustic-friendly features, our Soundless Acoustic Vinyl Planks might make the ideal choice for your home or professional setting.

If you need help determining the best soundproof flooring option for your space, please feel free to contact us for guidance. We can help you sort through the pros and cons of each option to pinpoint the type of flooring that will best suit your needs.


Dean Billett

Dean Billett is our resident flooring expert. He has an impressive 28 years of experience working in the flooring industry. While working in various areas of the industry, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge related to all aspects of flooring.