Our very own Ultra Plank brand offers the best in loose lay vinyl technology and design. Available in 12 inspiring style options, this collection is made to add flair and elegance to any room in a home or commercial space. The quick and easy installation features of the Ultra Plank range make it the perfect option for all families and businesses looking for an aesthetically-pleasing flooring.


The entire range of Ultra Plank loose lay vinyl products feature waterproof, anti-scratch, and scuff-resistant technology to ensure your flooring maintains its same amazing qualities for years of use. G15 technology makes it easier to clean and maintain, while a special nano silver layer protects against harmful bacteria build-up. With a 0.7mm wear layer and fibreglass reinforcement, all of the Ultra Plank vinyl floorings are sure to withstand the tests of time.

The 12 different colours of the Ultra Plank brand are all aesthetically-pleasing and designed to fit into the interior designs of today's contemporary homes. Bold and contemporary flooring options, such as the icy blue Iris or the smoky grey Ares, are excellent for a fresh, innovative design look. And more classic timber styles, like the golden-brown Zeus or the nutty-brown Apollo, work well in living rooms, bedrooms, or commercial spaces.

We strive to bring the best range of loose lay vinyl flooring at the best prices to our customers. You can find our Ultra Plank collection only at Online Flooring Store. The Ultra Plank brand is designed entirely to please our customers by fitting excellently in any space where you need a fresh, updated look.